OverAlls To Go!!

If you don’t LOVE a good pair of overalls we can no longer be friends! Who doesn’t love a good pair of overalls. They literarily give me life.. .let me tell you why! Overalls are the only item inside you’re closet that is one piece and can be worn many ways and many places with LITTLE TO NO EFFORT! I love fashion but I also love Fashion that is fab and simple at the same time. There is a reason overalls go and come and go and come BUT always come.. they are always relevant. Its like a cheesecake, it will always be relevant and as much as we want to hate to eat it we still want eat it!!!! HAHAH that didn’t make sense did it lol. Anyway, you get it. So this item can be worn casually with sandals or dressed up with heels. Both look amazing and to be honest what you wear underneath as a shirt doesn’t really matter as long as its not a fucking turtle neck! Don’t you hate it when people wear turtle necks the wrong way and think its cute… ya, NO.

Yesterday the soldier that I was, I decided to leave the house and go do some travel shopping. I ended up taking a coat as well of course because its cold here in Barcelona. Having to do bathing suit shopping when its cold outside because to try it on you have to take 50 layers off to try the damn thing on then put all that shit back on and by the time you walk out the store you’re ON FIRE! lol I’m so random I know!

OUTFIT DETAILS; ZARA overalls.. I linked their new 2016 overalls that I need to go buy, shirt and boots, Saint Laurent  Classic medium monogram college bag




Maison Valentino 16′

Hello. My name is Sonya and I am obsessed with Valentino. The clothes, shoes, bags, sunglasses, you name it.. I am all over it. He is my all time favorite designer as I mention ALL the time. He is one of very few designers who makes clothes for the woman to make her look effortlessly chic and feminine.. it seriously doesn’t get any better. The other day I finally added the RockStudded Flats that I have been eyeing for a long time now.. I was waiting for a dark leather color to come out and since majority of the RockStudded flats are patent leather I decided to wait for the new collection and mannnnnn am I glad I did. They are my favorite flats in my closet right now… yes.. my favorite!!! So excited to pair them with such a simple outfit today to give the outfit some pazzaaaz haha… to be honest though, I prefer these flats with a cute skirt or boyfriend shorts but the weather is not at that stage and I didn’t want to wait till then to pull Rock these RockStuds… whhhhhhattt!! haha

P.S I am looking for a photographer in Barcelona to take my OOTD pictures.. I love my husband but he fucking sucks at it.. lol sooooo if you are in Barcelona and want to take pics and get paid.. or you know someone who knows someone haha tell them to email me!!!

Outfit Details: YSL  Cardigan, ZARA Pants, Valentino RockStudded Flats (new collection), Ferragamo Purse, American Apparel Grey mens Shirt (yes I often shop in the mens section for the baggy shirts that I loveeee)




A POP of color…

goes a long way. As I have mentioned before my favorite blogger is SomethingNavy. She really inspires me because her style is so similar to mine and she’s not afraid to add colors into her outfits… which these days with all the nudes and creams and pastels going on, is a breath of fresh air. Anyway.. I was reading her blog last night and came across that “pop” of color and I loved it. I took the idea and recreated it to make it my own in my own style. I typically don’t do colored purses unless it is summer or near summer towards the end of spring… but why does fashion have to have restrictions and limitations.. if fashion is a form of expression why do we have to limit ourselves based on seasons and what others are doing… I mean its always nice to be up to date but if something making you “LOVE” the look then change it or add to it to make it UHMAZING! Today I did just that. On top of being inspired, I just thought my outfit was so bland. Considering the gloomy grey weather.. I decided to add a very bright red purse to make my outfit POP. It turns out… I loved it and from the fast response I got on my instagram… it was a hit!!!! Oh… and I feel like nothing goes together better than NAVY & RED!!! YAS! It just works.. yah know!!!!

Don’t be afraid to make you’re outfit fit YOU




Look of the…

NIGHT!!!   So I went out for the first time AT NIGHT, IN BARCELONA, by the beach. It wasn’t exactly my scene typically cuz I don’t like the young crowd of the “fucked up” drugged up party kids!!! Not my shiiitt!!. But I was with good company so its all good. I wore something super simple (all black lol) and called it a night.

P.S did I mention I am so fucking obsessed with my new YSL booties. SSSSoOOOOo cute!!!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Zara wrap around top, Rag and Bone black skinnies (ultra skinny), Louboutin heels which are not visible!!! 

I gotta learn how to take better outfit pics!!!!!!


And of course I had to add a better close up picture of my new favorite booties……

IMG_8743I am going to do a Smokey eye makeup look soon and snap a few pics and post it with full details on the blog soon!!!


Shopping day…

NUMBER 2!!!!!!!!! I know its a problem. Anyways, I typically don’t like YSL and I don’t a single thing from them (which is extremely odd) but I just don’t like it. Their heels… omg I HATE with a passion. (sorry to those that love this brand). Only thing I like of theirs is their sunglasses and C L O T H E S. Their clothes…. simply amazing. So casual but classy and fits so nicely!!!

So today I went out of my comfort zone and walked in there and found the sexiest boots I own (now) and had to buy them. Its a peep toe alligator skin lace up heel booty. . . Omg I have to take a close up of these for you guys and post them.. they are EVERYTHING!!!

TODAYS OUTFIT DETAILS: LACOSTE SHIRT, BDG SHORTS, SEXY YSL BOOTIES. (i was trying them on here and fell in love…instantly)