Summer Streetstyle

Hey hey hey… depending on where you live it's still hot AF. Fortunately for me it's not only extremely hot but super humid… okay so the humid part VERY unfortunate but thug life. So even though I am so excited for fall weather, it's nice to still be able to just throw on some shorts and sandals and walk out the house.
These Levi's shorts are by far my all time favorite. I reach for them over all others and I think they look amazing on every body shape and Size., also I just love all things high waisted. I wear these out dressed up slightly more and even to the beach dressed down.
Here I have paired it with a Zara off the shoulder shirt which anything off the should HELLO FRIEND… (how I feel about the whole off the should thing lol) and my black Jimmy Choo sandals. So comfortable and perfect when you are trying to beat the heat., plus a little leg never hurt anyone!!!!


Easy breezy summer looks. 0 effort, maximum use!

Summer is all about flowing dresses, shorts and amazing tans. Typically every summer I love to do the most.. and by most I mean, styling my summer outfits and making life very complicated. Now, complicated is good at times but I have found that sometimes the most simple items for summer is not only so much more convenient but just much more practical.. ESPECIALLY when traveling. I do travel a lot and during my past few trips.. I pack items that have multiple uses. A skirt that I can dress up and walk around town with that also turns into a by the beach|pool skirt to cover my ass if I want to walk around. Same thing with my bathing suits and shoes, even my hair. Thank goodness one piece bathing suits are super stylish… for one I freaking love them, so chic.. and two its the best to wear and not have to worry about a top. Simply just throw on your shorts or skirt over it and BAM SHAZAM you have got yourself a simple..0 effort outfit at its maximum use. Brilliant! I know!

Summer Ready

Hello guys. First of all wow 23k on Instagram 😍. Would seriously have never thought it. It’s been a crazy journey. I am honestly so blessed to not have to work and just focus all my time on my real passion. 💄👛

Okay so I am currently sittin on a bench under a tree in this beautiful park in Barcelona. I really am trying to take it all in and do as much as I can before I say goodbye to this place. Fashion.Fashion.Fashion. I am soooo ready for summer. Aside from the exhaustion of wearing sneakers everyday and having to bring a jacket is annoying already. I am excited about this summer because I am loving the summer trends that are pushing for this year. What’s popular?! Overalls. Off the shoulder shirts and one piece body suits. This is all exciting because all three of these trends are my favorite things to wear. It’s so cute. Classic. And comfortable. WHO can you complain lol!!! 

Exciting summer awaits.

Till then my outfits are bland and simple. Sneakers. Long sleeve. And jeans. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post. Weight and exercise is on the menu. 



Sun Kissed!..almost

I was going through some older photos of Spring during my stay in Barcelona. Its still so bitter sweet to me that I am leaving this place. I really hope we end up coming back and settling down here because it is such a great place to start a family and to settle! I mean… really nothing will ever be as HOME as Los Angeles to either of us but in terms of raising kids and living life to the fullest this is the place. I can’t believe I hated this place when I first got here.. and now I am sad I’m leaving… what!!! Well Im kinda happy at the same time because I am getting pretty used to CHANGE in life and have been enjoying going from country to country and experiencing all these new and different cultures. I guess I should be super grateful because most people haven’t even left their home town their entire life.

Okay sooooooo where am I moving to… thats the big question.. I really want to just say it but I also want to just get there and snap some amazing fucking photos and share it like that… you know like a IM HERE BITCHEZZZ… lol. Yeah!! I will say though, it is a tropical place and it doesn’t get colder then 85 degrees all year round! YYYYAAAASSSSS… sun kissed up the ass.. haha

While it was springish summer here I utilized it and wore all the skirts sitting in my closet. This look however was my most liked on social media for some reason. Maybe it was the color combo or the whole look put together. Needless to say.. I loved it and felt pretty wearing it.. and when you wear something that makes you feel pretty, I assure you.. you look pretty!!!! *that made sense right lol…in my mind it did.

p.s I must say I did this whole braided hair thing last year before it became so damn popular!!!! just so we don’t assume I am copying others!! ya dig!!!