Stripes and why I always buy them

To be honest with you guys, I don’t exactly have the answer for that question. I truly never did understand why my love for striped clothes are so beastly. I always seem to find myself trying them on and always picking them over solid colored clothes… probably because of the chic vibe I feel it gives and outfit. I kinda always correlated stripes with chic polo even type vibe.. if that makes sense. Yesterday I tried something new however. I paired a striped shirt with striped shorts. I saw a girl on the street doing that and it kind of inspired me to give it a go also. To wear the same pattern for both top and bottom scares me sometimes but I also really enjoy trying new things and simply just not giving a fuck! I mean, its not the end of the world right.. if you don’t like the look simply just take the darn thing off. To my surprise I actually really liked the look. I didn’t end up wearing it out though because the shorts were a bit to short for me and Ive just never been into the whole show the world my asscheeks type of look. Ha! But I am now on the hunt for the perfect striped bottom.. this is also going to be a fairly easy task considering stripes this season are everywhere and the trending thing. #LOVE.

  • Outfit Details: Top and Bottom from H&M
  • Hat: H&M
  • Sunglasses: Pull & Bear

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