Summer Streetstyle

Hey hey hey… depending on where you live it's still hot AF. Fortunately for me it's not only extremely hot but super humid… okay so the humid part VERY unfortunate but thug life. So even though I am so excited for fall weather, it's nice to still be able to just throw on some shorts and sandals and walk out the house.
These Levi's shorts are by far my all time favorite. I reach for them over all others and I think they look amazing on every body shape and Size., also I just love all things high waisted. I wear these out dressed up slightly more and even to the beach dressed down.
Here I have paired it with a Zara off the shoulder shirt which anything off the should HELLO FRIEND… (how I feel about the whole off the should thing lol) and my black Jimmy Choo sandals. So comfortable and perfect when you are trying to beat the heat., plus a little leg never hurt anyone!!!!


Legs, Manolos and..

FERRAGAMO!!! UM music to you’re ears much??!! yeah I know. Soooooo I must share my Get the KIM K. look makeup tutorial I posted. The lighting isn’t that amazing but it doesn’t suck either…. if you haven’t watched it uhhhhh GO.. LIKE NOW!! well after you finish reading my blog post haha.

Aside from this fantabulous video… Tonight I wore a pair of my favorite heels.. my favorite only because the heel is lower than most my heels and because you can actually walk a few blocks without hating you’re fucking life!!! Oh and because they are black and my husband totally surprised me with them in the cutest way (even though they were the wrong pair.. thought that counts lol).


P.S My diet.. yes I am sharing my thoughts because I feel like if I feel like others know I am on this mission it will motivate me more.. lol you might have to reread that line to know it wasn’t written wrong.. lol my grammar aint that bad!!! sheet. lol so anyway.. I was doing soooooo fudging good and got back to my normal weight 107ish (the ish is the hardest part to get rid of). So nowwwwww I am back at 111ish.. ugh shoot me I was doing so good.. but being a wife.. I cook for my husband a lot and when I do I eat with him.. which isssss sooooo bad…. waghh… so tomorrow I am on my mission again. I have one month to get down.. like real down before my sister comes and visits because I want a good 10 pounds room for just eating everything and anything. Oh and exciting news.. I ordered a waist sintcher and will be wearing that shit all day everyday and will def let you guys know if all this media attention is really true or its all bullllllshit!!!


50 shades of…

grey! I think this line is getting used way to much lol but since I haven’t used it yet.. tadddaah!! Okay so todays look is super comfortable. I typically always wear things that are extremely comfortable but maybe I should STOP doing that and wear my tighter jeans that don’t stretch to remind my ass that I need to stop eating lol!!!! Yes I am a bit craY in my thoughts!!! (I gotta go to Ikea today… ugh wish me luck.. that place is like a minor war zone) lol… but my Swedish ass loves it!!!

OUTFIT DETAILS: @AlexanderWang top, @Zara Jeggings, @ManoloBlahnik shoes, @Givenchy bag




Which is YOU’RE favorite styled

OUTFIT!!. I typically never wear bright clothes.. I wear more black intentionally and unintentionally. Lets be real, black makes you feel and look sexier and it makes you look two sizes smaller RIGHT who would want that!!!

My outfits of the past few days…

First: @Zara top (still in stores), @HM skirt (got last year), @louisvuitton bag, @manoloBlahnik heels (favorite heels)


Second Look: @HM dress (from last year), @chineselaundry shoes (which I have gotten soooo many likes for), @prada bag 


Third Look: @Pinsandneedles shirt from Urban Outfiters, @zara jeans (cut and ripped myself), @chanel classic bag, @ivankatrump shoes (LOVE these.. should have gotten the brown as well.. I fucked up) lol IMG_6814IMG_6817

P.S. I did really good on my liquid diet yesterday, minus an apple and peanut butter that I had but so far so good!! down two pounds. Follow my instargram page to know whats going on

PPS. So I totally tried the slicked back straight hair look. It was so bad!!! any thoughts!!!!??????