Let’s talk Hair. Go “long” or go home!?

I have had long hair pretty much my whole life. With the exception of my younger days when my mom would turn me into a boy with the hair cuts she would get me sighh*. I think that scared me for life and now I am just terrified to go short. Or am I? 

I LOVE short hair. And honestly if I had smooth sleek hair that wasn’t so thick I would have cut it all off a long time ago. My shortest length was a little under my shoulders a couple years ago and I loved it (feelings were not mutual as far as my husband goes lol). Short hair is so chic in my opinion. I think it pulls a look together so nicely and just screams mature. Okay without trying to offend anyone here… long hair is only nice when you have full voluminess  hair that is healthy. I see so many grow their thin brittle dead hair long and it completely ages the person. Hair like that should be cut short with full of mixed layers and only blow dried. YAS! 

Nonetheless there are some cons to long hair. It’s very difficult to maintain. It gets stuck everywhere. It’s annoying to sleep with. It uses up two bottles of conditioner a month (which is a lot for me) and it’s super heavy. So I’m pretty conflicted as if to cut it short and take that leap into the short hair club again!!?!? 

Before I leave let me give you my major tips for long healthy hair for those of you seeking to achieve just that.

  1. ONLY wash your hair once a week
  2. Do NOT flat iron your hair. Use a blow drier and wait till your hair is damp-dry NOT wet
  3. Use a good argon oil on the tips of your hair after showers and after blow drying. 

I mean really guys, invest in a good shower cap and use it. You will love the results, I swear by it. 

[pic of me with my shortest length hair if your curious —> Fashionbloggertogo Instagram 



Long Hair Tips and Tricks 😳

Hey guys so I get sooo many questions about my hair and to do tutorials but nothing is like a full blog about it giving my secrets away. Haha 

Girls don’t understand how much damage they are doing to their own hair without even knowing it, thinking they are actually doing it good and being hygienic. To get that amazing long healthy hair it’s so essential to STOP washing your hair EVERYDAY!!! Seriously guys…. This makes all the difference. A lot of people wash their hair either everyday if not a few times a week. This is sooooo fucking bad. Why? Well because our hair glands produce natural rich oils as it moistens the hair for further hair growth… When you are washing it often you are washing away the oils and complete drying up your scalp and hair follicles… Not allowing it to grow properly. What you need to be doing is wash ur body every day (please lol) and wear a shower cap. I wash my hair 1 a week sometimes twice depending on my activity levels. That’s it!!!! By doing this, I allow my hair to get its oils going without washing it away. (P.s when or if it gets very oily after the second or third day just make a small messy bun on the top of your head…don’t get sucked into the temptation of washing it). 

Next tip…. Try to say goodbye to your flat iron. Those things are death to ur hair. I can seriously have healthy hair and flat iron my hair three times and the tips of my hair turn into a broomstick. IT MAKES A HUGGGGEEE DIFFERENCE! So what to do? Use a blow dryer. Use it when ur hair is damp–>dry that way you can style it more quickly without applying long term heat on it. Believe me it works… At the same time it gives the hair such a nice shine and amazing volume because who the fuck want flat dull hair!!!?!? Right! Gives these a try and I promise you will see such an improvement. Now you guys know my secrets. 

P.S 5 pounds down on my water fast (day 4)