For the Shopaholics on a budget 👈🏼💰

Shopaholic: a person regardless of what their financial means are can not stop shopping under any circumstance, along with a euphoric, statisfying and calm feeling within all at once. 

Okay.. So I made that definition up myself but when I think shopaholic realistically that’s not what I think. That definition was more the proper serious form. My own personal reference is… 

Shopaholic: a person who loves new shit and is always determined to get what they want even if it means running through flaming hot MF Fire. 

Haha much better! Okay well I have a great solution so you can also save your money while you make these sudden impulses. My sister and I have always loved the finer things in life. Pretty clear if you hadn’t already noticed. But… For us we liked to invest our money in staple items. Things you will buy once… It will last many many years and will always be in style. I am referring to handbags and the occasional shoe. However, when it comes to clothes we like to get the most for our buck. Well granted I’m a bit picky with my jeans but I’m talking IN GENERAL. I like to spend small money on clothes that stretch my dollar and can stay in my closet for long periods of time. 

Well what to look for. You want to look for a decent quality. Honestly, my favorites are Zara and H&M. You can take the most ordinary clothing item from these places and make them look so rich. It really is a matter of how you style it. Also, look for things that are solid colors and things that can be worn tucked in, regular, with different type of bottoms and shoes. These things will keep the item in your closet for much longer…which is the point here right!!!? 

These stores make it easy to find something in fashion and chic and still have left over money to put back into ur wallet.. Or as my sister and I like… GO EAT WITH IT!! Lol. 

I got so inspired to write this when with 50€ (55-60$) I was able o get 6 tops and a pair of shorts all for summer at H&M. Honestly I was kinda shocked at the register. In a good way lol!! But I realized, wow why do people throw their hard earned money away for no reason. I have been guilty and once a while will splurge but for summer wear… Who gives a F**%. 

P.S I will share the outfits when I wear them out. 

H&M in Barcelona Below



Green Series!

Hey Loves.. yesterday I put together a super simple outfit. I am a black lover and all my outfits always contain some kind of black in it (unless its summer). However… I L O V E  green also. Not all green colors but that rich hunter green color that is just the perfect shade of green. I think that is almost neck and neck with black for me. Yesterday I wore some hunter green pants paired with a hunter green top that was maybe one shade different and topped it off with a denim jacket. First of all can I just mention that I am obsessed with denim jackets. Its funny because I used to hate them and love leather jackets and now my taste has completely switched! Weird!!! And if you know me you know I love a simple casual outfit. That will forever be my look. I don’t understand how some woman dress in heels EVERY SINGLE DAY.. like ouch!!! poor feet!!! 

Whats really exciting about this picture is that a two weeks ago these pants didn’t pass my ass. I used to wear these on my super skinny days comfortably and since my slight weight gain they didn’t fit anymore… so sad. Now that I have lost 4 pounds anddddd counting.. these finally fit again. I was sooooo excited. Still a little tight but #thuglife

OUTFIT DETAILS: H&M pants (these are not the same but similar), NORDSTROM RACK Shirt (same material and look)CONVERSE Shoes, LOUIS VUITTON Bag (exact bag)





Celine!!! I have been MIA, I know. I have had guests (and still do) and have been super busy and HOT AF in this weather. I can’t even sit for longer than 5 minutes without over heating. I swear the world is coming to an end, this heat is unusual.

Anyways… I have really been missing home lately… Home being Los Angeles. I miss it and my friends and my family.. waghhhhhhhh, but none the less my fashion is still always on FLEEK!!. I must admit tho for the past week I haven’t been wearing makeup and if I do it looks like I am “strobing” but in actuality I’m just fucking sweating hahaha…  all i do is add some highlighter and the heat outside does the strobing effect for me on its own. (side note: I hate that shit).

So typically here in Spain people don’t usually wear big purses. They use the cross body bags that are light and small.. probably because there is so much “pick pocketing” here meaning: professionals who jack you without you even realizing it. But since Im from LA all my bags are generally big.. cuz you know us LA girls like to care a luggage around as a bag so we haver enough room to through the 5 percent “stuff” in there and the 95 percent junk lol lol lol.. well at least my ass does.

Back to topic: my amazing summer Celine luggage bag lol (its really called luggage phantom bag). I fucking love this purse. I get compliments all day everyday on this bag and it makes every outfit look so much more summery and fun. Here are some outfits I wore using it this past week….

OUTFIT DETAILS: Zara from head to toe!!! Celine bag



OUTFIT DETAILS: Zara top, HM super skinny pants, Ferragamo Sandals, Celine bag


Outfit of the day

Today’s outfit. It’s a bit gloomy here in Barcelona Spain but it says its going to be warming up this upcoming week which I am so excited about. Aside from that I MISSSSSSS LOS ANGELES. I have never been so excited to go back. lol…

I almost regret making my husband work from Spain instead of choosing Paris. I know the weather is MUCH better here and quality of life (for the time being) is better here as well.. its just the class level doesn’t quit suit us. Not to sound like snobby bitch lol, but for real guys.. I love Spain because its super peaceful, but its definitely not a place to live if you LOVE fashion and wear heels and that type of shit. Everyone here is so below average and comfy. Its very rare to see another female like myself walking the streets… NO OFFENSE SPANISH FOLKS… Love Spain but I think I would’ve sacrificed the weather conditions and beach to live in Paris. Oh well… so we have a year to travel and decide were our next destination is, until we go back home of course to our homeland LA!!!!

So todays outfit details: H&M shirt (bought last year), Zara boyfriend ripped jeans (which my husband hates lol says I look like a homeless), Christian Louboutin So Kate Patent Leather Nude heels, Louis Vuitton Purse.


Ps. This makeup look is up on my YouTube account if you guys are interested in the products I used. I show them all in the process of applying it. Go subscribe