Summer Streetstyle

Hey hey hey… depending on where you live it's still hot AF. Fortunately for me it's not only extremely hot but super humid… okay so the humid part VERY unfortunate but thug life. So even though I am so excited for fall weather, it's nice to still be able to just throw on some shorts and sandals and walk out the house.
These Levi's shorts are by far my all time favorite. I reach for them over all others and I think they look amazing on every body shape and Size., also I just love all things high waisted. I wear these out dressed up slightly more and even to the beach dressed down.
Here I have paired it with a Zara off the shoulder shirt which anything off the should HELLO FRIEND… (how I feel about the whole off the should thing lol) and my black Jimmy Choo sandals. So comfortable and perfect when you are trying to beat the heat., plus a little leg never hurt anyone!!!!


Layers on Layers…

on layers. I am wearing three layers!!! YES… the third layer is not visible in the picture buttttttt its there lol. So for those of you who have never been to Barcelona it is currently warmer then it is in Los Angeles… whatttt??!?! mmhmm.. the weather here is unreal. Seriously it feels like heaven when you step outside. Today I wore this outfit and burned throughout the day.. had to slowly taking some of these damn layers off lol. For winter it is surprisingly warm and I fuckin love it. Reminds me of back home but better.

Today I ran some errands and walked around just cuz I didn’t feel like going to the gym and when I don’t go to the gym I make sure I at least get a couple hours of walking done. Even though… I ate three donut pops and a starbucks chocolate chip cookie.. haha #thuglife!!! um what was I saying.. oh yea.. so back to my outfit. I recently love wearing sneakers with my outfits… I know its currently in style and I am actually kinda digging it. Nice change from wearing heels and I must say.. my feet have never been happier lol

P.S Zara is having its biggest sale of the year here in Spain… I came up on so many great summer clothes. So what I do is buy summer clothes that are either in the color neutral, black or white. That way no matter what the STYLE change is those pieces will always be okay to wear!!!! Go check the sale out ladies.. and gentleman.


Top underneath and Sweater on top & Pants from: Zara // Sneakers: Nike // Purse: Givenchy


Okay… um how cute are these freakin baby Stuart Weitzman Shoes.. they had so many other styles.. I saw them and melted!!! If you have babies or want to gift someone with babies go check their baby shoes out.. so cute //

Stuart Weitzman // They also have a really good sale going on for woman just in case you were wondering lol!!!




CASUAL Attire to…

run errands. I typically live in work out clothes.. I always try to go for a different alternative but common, who doesn’t love a good pair of black Nikes or leggings and some comfortable sneakers paired with an over sized shirt. This is the girls “heaven”. Even for those who are super high fashion… we all dress down from time to time and enjoy wearing something that is just super comfy and easy without having to stand intron of you’re closet for 5 hours trying to figure out whats cute!!

My go-to outfit for running errands or even sometimes shopping or whatever the case may be, whenever I want to be quick and comfortable and manage to look like I still cared… I always turn to my beloved Nike gear. I also either wear Nike or Lululemon… NOTHING ELSE!!! The reason for that is because both these brands have such high quality and there is absolutely nothing I hate more then a pair of Leggings that are shit quality.. plus my lululemons and majority of the Nike leggings I get are all high waisted and suck everything in…. AMAZING RIGHT… I KNOW!! So today I managed to post on my Instagram and Make a makeup tutorial AND go out.. Talented.. yes yes!!

Nike… The new lazy go to outfit for the fashion girl





50 shades of…

grey! I think this line is getting used way to much lol but since I haven’t used it yet.. tadddaah!! Okay so todays look is super comfortable. I typically always wear things that are extremely comfortable but maybe I should STOP doing that and wear my tighter jeans that don’t stretch to remind my ass that I need to stop eating lol!!!! Yes I am a bit craY in my thoughts!!! (I gotta go to Ikea today… ugh wish me luck.. that place is like a minor war zone) lol… but my Swedish ass loves it!!!

OUTFIT DETAILS: @AlexanderWang top, @Zara Jeggings, @ManoloBlahnik shoes, @Givenchy bag




Lets talk ABOUT…

shoes babyy, lets talk about you and me!!! Last nights outfit… the most comfortable outfit guys… LEGGINGS. I can’t stress enough how important a amazing fucking pair of leggings are and the wonderful things it can always put together. Leggings are my BEST FRIEND. They are my go to outfit which might not be so great but Im talking about leggings with HEELS.. NOT…leggings with flip flops (ew hate flip flops). Any who yesterday I looked casual chic.. as usual lol.. to confident?!!? NEVER!.

SOOO.., outfit details


(P.S these Givenchy heels are probably my most comfortable heels. They never disappoint)



From My Closet

Hi everyone.. sorry I have been MIA for a week now. I have been overwhelmed with our furniture and all items arriving from Los Angeles, so its been non the less H E L L. However, finally my clothes and shoes and purses have arrived YESSSS.

My closet on the other hand is soooo far from ready its unreal. My shoes are scattered all over the damn place and it looks like the fucking messiest room in my house lol. [my closet set hasn’t been delivered yet]. With that said I can’t really share a pic of what it looks like just yet. I want it to be complete than show case it ….. (haha as is if its something so fucking important right lol).

Yesterdays Look (accessories of the day)

—Louis Vuitton Purse

—Givenchy screw heels in brown pony hair

IMG_4478 IMG_4477



Hey my lovely beautiful people. Today I was originally going to talk about the wide leg trend but it seems kinda boring even though I am soooooooo excited… WOOP WOOP. Okay had to get that off my chest lol. So, shoes…. a few months ago I purchased the Givenchy screw heel in black and brown pony hair and sued.. and I absolutely love them and still do [side note: when I get all my stuff shipped I will start adding pictures of my clothes that I am talking about and share it with you guys of course]. These heels are surprisingly extremely comfortable. I was watching other fashion bloggers at the Givenchy show this year [ummm…jealous] and I saw the new collection and I DIED. The new boots and thigh highs are A M A Z I N G. I cannot wait to get my hands on those things. I will say though, typically I don’t do thigh high boots cuz I just feel like I look like a complete hooker hahah like fo real..right!!?? I know I am not the only one! I guess it depends how you wear it haha.

These are the new pair that I JUST MUST HAVE. What do you guys think of them…

Givenchy screw heel Givenchy givenchy2

PS. How amazing is that Givenchy dress (second picture). Fucking love it!!!!!!