Maison Valentino 16′

Hello. My name is Sonya and I am obsessed with Valentino. The clothes, shoes, bags, sunglasses, you name it.. I am all over it. He is my all time favorite designer as I mention ALL the time. He is one of very few designers who makes clothes for the woman to make her look effortlessly chic and feminine.. it seriously doesn’t get any better. The other day I finally added the RockStudded Flats that I have been eyeing for a long time now.. I was waiting for a dark leather color to come out and since majority of the RockStudded flats are patent leather I decided to wait for the new collection and mannnnnn am I glad I did. They are my favorite flats in my closet right now… yes.. my favorite!!! So excited to pair them with such a simple outfit today to give the outfit some pazzaaaz haha… to be honest though, I prefer these flats with a cute skirt or boyfriend shorts but the weather is not at that stage and I didn’t want to wait till then to pull Rock these RockStuds… whhhhhhattt!! haha

P.S I am looking for a photographer in Barcelona to take my OOTD pictures.. I love my husband but he fucking sucks at it.. lol sooooo if you are in Barcelona and want to take pics and get paid.. or you know someone who knows someone haha tell them to email me!!!

Outfit Details: YSL  Cardigan, ZARA Pants, Valentino RockStudded Flats (new collection), Ferragamo Purse, American Apparel Grey mens Shirt (yes I often shop in the mens section for the baggy shirts that I loveeee)




Shopping Outfit

inside ZARA… ahaha!!!!! Yesterday I finally decided to leave my house.. yah in this heat guys I typically never walk out the house unless I am in dyer need of something mucho importanta. So with that being said it allows me to do more makeup tutorials on my youtube channel (sonya sedaghatmehr) of how I like to apply my makeup!! There are many things I haven’t figured out yet working with youtube and making a perfect video.. p.s my lighting still sucks ass but hey.. at least every video it get a bit brighter hahaha.

Anyways… back to my day yesterday! I went all around and of course ZARA is always my first stop. It just doesn’t matter how much money I have to spend or don’t have.. Brand name or not, ZARA is my second home, “home away from home”. I purchase 85% of my clothes from there because they have really good quality clothes that are in with the latest fashion trends AND their pants actually fit my skinny ass (with the exception of their skirts.. the XS is still big around my waist.. but being the amazingly smart person that I am I usually have them tailored to my waist size (that is of course if the skirt is fucking awesome, or else who buys a cheap skirt and pays more to tailor it hahha)). <– quote within a quote<—.

So yesterday it was probably 95 degrees in Barcelona and around 60 percent humid and about 40mph winds. In these extremely warm and sticky conditions my ass decided it would be a great idea to wear some of the tightest jeans I have… SAY WHATTTT.. haha (I make myself smirk sometime). Yah, I was so hot and bothered for a minute but good thing the stores are on that ice temp shit. AFTTTERRRR Zara I went to Chanel. I saw the most beautiful navy/black espadrilles ever for the new fall collection.. I was in a rush so I couldn’t try them on and buy them but today is a new day lol!!! I need to have those in my life before they sale out!!!


OUTFIT DETAILS: Benetton shirt, Zara skinny jeans, Ferragamo sandals, Chanel purse


Okay after all that shopping yesterday I was super hungry so I went and grabbed some lunch.. this sandwich was legit bigger than my hand… like super big.. but of course since I am a true fatty I have majority of it!!!


Legs, Manolos and..

FERRAGAMO!!! UM music to you’re ears much??!! yeah I know. Soooooo I must share my Get the KIM K. look makeup tutorial I posted. The lighting isn’t that amazing but it doesn’t suck either…. if you haven’t watched it uhhhhh GO.. LIKE NOW!! well after you finish reading my blog post haha.

Aside from this fantabulous video… Tonight I wore a pair of my favorite heels.. my favorite only because the heel is lower than most my heels and because you can actually walk a few blocks without hating you’re fucking life!!! Oh and because they are black and my husband totally surprised me with them in the cutest way (even though they were the wrong pair.. thought that counts lol).


P.S My diet.. yes I am sharing my thoughts because I feel like if I feel like others know I am on this mission it will motivate me more.. lol you might have to reread that line to know it wasn’t written wrong.. lol my grammar aint that bad!!! sheet. lol so anyway.. I was doing soooooo fudging good and got back to my normal weight 107ish (the ish is the hardest part to get rid of). So nowwwwww I am back at 111ish.. ugh shoot me I was doing so good.. but being a wife.. I cook for my husband a lot and when I do I eat with him.. which isssss sooooo bad…. waghh… so tomorrow I am on my mission again. I have one month to get down.. like real down before my sister comes and visits because I want a good 10 pounds room for just eating everything and anything. Oh and exciting news.. I ordered a waist sintcher and will be wearing that shit all day everyday and will def let you guys know if all this media attention is really true or its all bullllllshit!!!