Does Size Really Matter?

Size of nails that is… lol! I have always wondered if the length of our nails makes a difference in a few things overall. Does it make you feel prettier? Does it make you’re fingers look slimmer? Does it represent our “fashion” and “style” like clothes do? Can we distinguish a character by it?…. I have always wondered and going back and forth with getting nails then removing them (because Im to fuckin lazy to get it fixed) then getting them again, off again, on again… yeah you get the point here lol!

Nails like everything else really do make one of the biggest statements about a person. Lets say for instance you come across a person with dirty finger nails with the black underneath and half the nail polish gone and half hanging on with its dear life (lol)… what do you think of a person when you see that.. Is it really wrong to judge and automatically think damn what a slob! Sometimes I think something as simple as nails can really say a lot about a person BUTTTTTT on the contrary, I also see a lot of girls with beautifully done nails with some cool design but her fashion is a mess.. can we win at everything we do… is it always one or the other?! or can we manage it all!!!

Hmm… Well I for one don’t really give a fuck! I used to.. when I was in LA my nails were done ON THE REGULAR.. and no I don’t mean, I don’t give a fuck as my nails are gross.. because they are always manicured but I have days where my Gel is chipping..and my outfit consists of gym clothes… were all human here right!!

But… I really do think the length makes a difference. It does make you feel sexier and prettier. It does make you’re fingers look slimmer and longer. It does represent you’re fashion and style like clothes do. And by the style we can definitely distinguish a character by it!!!! (Well at least thats what I think) Personally as much as I love long fake nails and get them twice a year, I typically prefer a nice short nail with gel color. To me that is more comfortable and classy!!!! TO EACH THEIR OWN.

Anyway.. this blog was inspired by my current short nails and my few months back long nails.. I was looking at the pictures and contemplating if I should go get nails put on again but then I wrote this… re read it and was like…. naaaaaaaahhhh I love my short nails!!! lol

What are you’re guys thoughts!!!???