Summer Streetstyle

Hey hey hey… depending on where you live it's still hot AF. Fortunately for me it's not only extremely hot but super humid… okay so the humid part VERY unfortunate but thug life. So even though I am so excited for fall weather, it's nice to still be able to just throw on some shorts and sandals and walk out the house.
These Levi's shorts are by far my all time favorite. I reach for them over all others and I think they look amazing on every body shape and Size., also I just love all things high waisted. I wear these out dressed up slightly more and even to the beach dressed down.
Here I have paired it with a Zara off the shoulder shirt which anything off the should HELLO FRIEND… (how I feel about the whole off the should thing lol) and my black Jimmy Choo sandals. So comfortable and perfect when you are trying to beat the heat., plus a little leg never hurt anyone!!!!


Favorite Heels 👠👠

Hey guys… I’m so annoyed. I tried to upload a really good video to my YouTube Channel and it’s such a bitch trying to get it to upload. Gosh! Figured I’d share lol because who likes to be frustrated alone!! 

As you know I have a huge heel collection. Though I love them all there are a few pair that I really think have overtime become my favorite pairs. Even though I don’t wear them as much as some other pairs… They are still my favs.. They just aren’t so practical. But… Look wise and comfort wise they are bomb. 

The first pair is my Christian Louboutin spiked boots. I get so many compliments of these every time I wear them and they have easily become my favorite grab during winter season. They are surprisingly super comfortable (if you are a regular heel walker). They legit spice up any outfit. Also, these beauties where the start to my Instagram and blog. Posted these and Christian Louboutin featured it on his page AND website!!! UMM YAS!

Since we are on the topic of Christian Louboutin these lace up suede heels are my absolutely favorite. I will make an excuse to wear these anytime. For these, I match my outfit to my shoes not my shoes to my outfit. They are by far one of my most comfortable high heels.. Actually they are much more comfortable than my low heels. But God these are LIFE. So sexy. So nice. So glam. Like grrrrrr… Lol too much??!? Love it!

I also wanted to mention these beauties… Saint Laurent booties.. As seen on Kim K like all the time. These are so sexy. I freaking love these. They are also super comfortable ONCE the leather has been stretched and worn in… So after the second wear. I get a lot of compliments when I wear these as well BUT I personably do not like them with pants. I will strictly only wear these with something that goes above my knees, that’s just my style tho! 

So there you have it. My Favs lol… Does it even matter haha well for those who want to invest I recommend these. 



Shoe closet [when it’s no longer there] 😳🙈👠

Hey guys… Okay my shoes… All my beautiful shoes are gone and it’s really starting to sink in. When I say gone I mean being shipped to Los Angeles. I sooooooooooo miss them. I know they are just material items but OMG I am getting so fucking tired of wearing sneakers. Here in Barcelona people (the locals) don’t start showing their toes till early July lol, ya it’s weird AF so I always feel awkward when I want to wear my sandals or flats or something. 

I just miss having options. I also really want summer to come along. Is anyone else like me!!? You know when it’s summer and ur out there dying of heat and you start buying new cute fall clothes ur like WHERE ARE YOU WINTER…I’m ready for you! And when it’s winter it’s like wtf man when is it gonna be summer already hahaha I can’t be the only one!!!

Okay back to shoes. So ya I am really enjoying Barcelona… Although I love it here I don’t feel as if it’s such a “dress up” heels type of city. Everyone is so fuckin casual. And sadly I have converted to the dark side of sneakers and casual everyday also and I hate it!!! 

P.S I have fallen in love with the new MuiMui lace up shoes with the big platform  ugh love. Check the link and tell me you don’t agree!!! Mui Mui



Valentines Day Streetstyle!

HOLD ON… can we just acknowledge the fact that I posted TWICE today. This is so unlike me haha.. but I couldn’t wait to post these outfit pictures till tomorrow because its for today.. and today is Valentines day!! Sooo HAPPY V-DAY, for those single people… don’t worry you aren’t missing out… being married on valentines day and being single is pretty much the same exact thing. You eat a home cooked meal and watch some TV.. at least in my marriage.. I guess the only difference between being single and married today is that married women get a gift and single people don’t.. lol but still you aren’t missing out.

I typically don’t dress for the “occasion” ever on holidays like this. I think its a bit tacky but I actually really loved my outfit. Most my shoes are Red bottoms so I couldn’t help but match it with a cute hearted red sweat shirt. Figured I usually don’t wear it and today would be the perfect day to do so. Glad I did cuz it worked. If you are planning a date night or going out for drinks with friends here is what I put together for some inspo.. super simple, girly and fun.


OUTFIT DETAILS: This sweater I got online from my sisters online store when she had it so I can’t really say exactly where its from but I believe you can find it on EBAY.. just type hear sleeved sweatshirt, H&M skirt, CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Heels 




Outfit INSPO! 16′

Hey my babes. I have been so stressed the past few days with packing and finding storage and getting the dogs ready for import into another country that isn’t within the EU like FML… I am starting to get less and less excited about moving so far away… again!!! Aside form all this bs.. I have been so cold the past few days.. like showering twice a day just so I can stand under the warm water type shit.. and yesterday it was fucking freezing so instead of going out I did my first outfit inspo pic.. meaning if I WAS to go out that day and it was a few degrees warmer this is what I would have thrown on! But you already knew what it meant so moving on… lol

I decided to pull out my ripped jeans. Now, I have many ripped jeans and these happen to be my most ripped and `boyfriend’ style jeans. Typically I don’t do the whole boyfriend style thing because I feel no matter what I do I still end up looking like I either took a shit in my pants OR I just look like a straight man!!! lol.. a handsome man that is!!! lol.

okay.. writing this I am realizing I don’t thin a lot of things look good on me.. yet I always try to wear it anyway.. haha…if you read my leather jacket post you know what I am talking about lol White Leather Blues 

I paired my jeans with my husbands sweater. Am I the only girl who loves wearing mens over sized sweat shirts. I am obsessed. I literally walk into mens Zara before I search the woman section because mens shit is soon much nicer and I love pairing it with super skinny jeans and heels YYYYYYAAAAAASSSSSS!!! p.s my husband hates when I touch his neatly color coordinated clothes hahaha.



Burberry  Cashmere Sweater, Zara jeans, these aren’t the same but similar, Christian Louboutin  So Kate 120mm heels… so want these in white, Chanel  Boy Bag








A POP of color…

goes a long way. As I have mentioned before my favorite blogger is SomethingNavy. She really inspires me because her style is so similar to mine and she’s not afraid to add colors into her outfits… which these days with all the nudes and creams and pastels going on, is a breath of fresh air. Anyway.. I was reading her blog last night and came across that “pop” of color and I loved it. I took the idea and recreated it to make it my own in my own style. I typically don’t do colored purses unless it is summer or near summer towards the end of spring… but why does fashion have to have restrictions and limitations.. if fashion is a form of expression why do we have to limit ourselves based on seasons and what others are doing… I mean its always nice to be up to date but if something making you “LOVE” the look then change it or add to it to make it UHMAZING! Today I did just that. On top of being inspired, I just thought my outfit was so bland. Considering the gloomy grey weather.. I decided to add a very bright red purse to make my outfit POP. It turns out… I loved it and from the fast response I got on my instagram… it was a hit!!!! Oh… and I feel like nothing goes together better than NAVY & RED!!! YAS! It just works.. yah know!!!!

Don’t be afraid to make you’re outfit fit YOU




Pretty in…

PINK!!! As I have shared before Im not really the “pink” type of girl.. I’m more of the Black type of girl lol BUT sometimes my extra girly side comes out and I like to go all out.. and for some reason, lately Ive been wearing a lot of pink!!! Maybe I am the pink kinda girl!! hmmm anyways my outfit from yesterday was super cute.. lol.. yes I compliment myself but who doesn’t do that pshh.


IMG_8413 IMG_8414


the day… lol!! Today I figured id get less comfortable (even though my out was extremely comfy) but not as much. I usually always wear all black or incorporate something black.. why you ask.. welllll… I haven’t concluded that yet for myself either!!! So todays outfit ladies and ladies lol I think is pretty simple yet very classy sexy all in one!

OUTFIT DETAILS: @Zara top, @JBrand trousers, @TomFord purse, @ChristianLouboutin shoes


Christian Louboutin….

HEAVEN!!! I like most girls have an obsession with the red bottom shoe. Even though they are extremely un fucking comfortable I yet continue to buy them… have I given in to society? lol, probably!!! No but really they are extremely sexy on the foot and just make my little 5’4 ass legs look so much longer.. ahhhh like you know a Victoria Secret Angel.. or just an Angel I’m happy with both. Lucky for me.. yay I own a lot of shoes and majority are Loubs!!


How editorial do these photos I took look though??

P.S The face mask I have been using morning and night that i made at home (as mentioned in previous post) is actually working really well. My dark spots have brightened up a bit and looks like its really working. Its my second day into using it twice a day and by the end of the week I will report back if it truly did its job, if so you guys who have dark spots should totally true it, considering you probably already have the necessary ingredients in your fridge!!!


Victoria Beckham clothing…

Need I say more!? This woman has the best clothing line ever. The clothes are extremely feminine and girly but at the same time super elegant and sexy!! I can definitely say she’s one of my FAV designers.. ahhh now only if she just sent me all her clothe to model for her.. my life would be complete lol!!!

I purchased one of her dresses from Neiman Marcus and I will say I had to put the dress through major alterations to get it to look right on my body. It was super baggy and big (even though thats purposely how she designs her clothes) and I just wanted min A BIT more fitted. I mean just look.. its still pretty baggy lol.

Anywho.. just wanted to share my dying love for her shit. The details on this dress btw.. wowzaa!!!

P.S its more visible in person or online.

IMG_6230 IMG_6229

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Clutch/makeup bag: Louis Vuitton