Summer Streetstyle

Hey hey hey… depending on where you live it's still hot AF. Fortunately for me it's not only extremely hot but super humid… okay so the humid part VERY unfortunate but thug life. So even though I am so excited for fall weather, it's nice to still be able to just throw on some shorts and sandals and walk out the house.
These Levi's shorts are by far my all time favorite. I reach for them over all others and I think they look amazing on every body shape and Size., also I just love all things high waisted. I wear these out dressed up slightly more and even to the beach dressed down.
Here I have paired it with a Zara off the shoulder shirt which anything off the should HELLO FRIEND… (how I feel about the whole off the should thing lol) and my black Jimmy Choo sandals. So comfortable and perfect when you are trying to beat the heat., plus a little leg never hurt anyone!!!!


White Leather & Blues

Today I decided to pull out my white leather jacket. I got it a couple years ago and I can say Ive only worn it once.. well twice now! lol. To keep it real, I fucking hate leather jackets.. its one of those things where people either L O V E them or H A T E them and of course the rest of those people who are just “ohhhh I can careless” haha. I don’t like it because I just simply don’t think I can pull it off. Its just not me or my style. I feel like it makes my outfits look so classless.. omg I know that sounds fucking bad but this isn’t a blog to make others feel good its about fashion… about my fashion.. right!! I do however own a few leather Jackets and like this one they are collecting dust. I will probably just gift them to my sister when I see her lol! I will say though, sometimes when I wear them I actually think the outfit looks good and put together.. then I go out and walk into a store and see myself in the mirror and I am like damn this is all bad.. haha I just feel like the leather jacket is soooooo played out.. like is there anyone out there not doing the whole “leather jacket” look!!!! okay.. this wasn’t supposed to be about a fucking leather jacket haha.. my outfit today.. very casual, fun and simple. The shoes are the prized winner in this outfit. I got these immediately after I watched last years Victoria Secret show and all the models were wearing these Jimmy Choo heels.. I of course had to get them and they are just as beautiful in person and on my feet as they were on the models.

Outfit Details: Forever21 Shirt (got this a while ago) & Necklaces, Jennifer Lopez Leather Jacket (yea she makes some cute ass clothes), Diesel  Jeans, Celine Purse (one of my favorites) & Sunglasses, Jimmy Choo Shoes





Celine, Celine, Celine…

The tittle says it all. Today I woke up super early.. you know when its cold and you freeze sleeping in a short sleeve so the following night you sleep with a long sleeve and then you’re hot and irritated… like I can’t fucking win! Anways.. point is I couldn’t sleep so I got up and decided I am going to switch my purse for another purse today. I seriously stood in my purse collection and noticed that 95% of my purses are either a different tone of Grey or its Black and the other 5% are Louis Vuitton monogram. SO.. I thought this is a great excuse to go get in some cardio and hunt for the perfect accessory to transition into Spring/Summer! LET ME TELL YOU… I WAS VERY SUCCESSFUL.

I came across the most beautiful blue Celine bag.. and Ive noticed this season for Spring and Summer a lot of blue and denim is coming bag into style. I actually never been into the whole denim bag or shoes and I haven’t become into it thus far lol… but leather blue is mahhhh shitttt!!! This will match with almost everything in my closet that I wear the most during Spring and Summer and it is the perfect size. It was a great buy!!! My first blue bag.






Following my own Fashion…

trends. Okay, so today I went to the nail salon to get my regular mani and pedi. I was picking out my colors and noticed I was picking the same colors as I usually do which is the same colors as all the other girls.. for example: Cream colors, Nude Colors, Soft colors or just black! I thought… what the fuck.. who am I and why am I falling into the category of being the same as every other fucking girl!! GIRL NO-  I’ve never really been the type to do “whats hot”. I also just do “me”. So I decided to pick a color I like on my nails that I have put off for so long because it wasn’t Instagram approved and wouldn’t fit in with all the other nail colors the girls post these days.

What has the fucking world come too… picking colors we don’t even like just because it makes us fit in on social media!!! WHAAAAT… no! I picked hot as mutherfuckin pink today and I love it, and what! lol sorry a bit passionate over here.

New Years Resolution: To be ME, Stand out, be fucking Fabulous, and of course skinny AF! YASSS!

Nevertheless, I attempted to keep warm today and failed miserably. I seriously need to invest in some gloves!!!






Celine!!! I have been MIA, I know. I have had guests (and still do) and have been super busy and HOT AF in this weather. I can’t even sit for longer than 5 minutes without over heating. I swear the world is coming to an end, this heat is unusual.

Anyways… I have really been missing home lately… Home being Los Angeles. I miss it and my friends and my family.. waghhhhhhhh, but none the less my fashion is still always on FLEEK!!. I must admit tho for the past week I haven’t been wearing makeup and if I do it looks like I am “strobing” but in actuality I’m just fucking sweating hahaha…  all i do is add some highlighter and the heat outside does the strobing effect for me on its own. (side note: I hate that shit).

So typically here in Spain people don’t usually wear big purses. They use the cross body bags that are light and small.. probably because there is so much “pick pocketing” here meaning: professionals who jack you without you even realizing it. But since Im from LA all my bags are generally big.. cuz you know us LA girls like to care a luggage around as a bag so we haver enough room to through the 5 percent “stuff” in there and the 95 percent junk lol lol lol.. well at least my ass does.

Back to topic: my amazing summer Celine luggage bag lol (its really called luggage phantom bag). I fucking love this purse. I get compliments all day everyday on this bag and it makes every outfit look so much more summery and fun. Here are some outfits I wore using it this past week….

OUTFIT DETAILS: Zara from head to toe!!! Celine bag



OUTFIT DETAILS: Zara top, HM super skinny pants, Ferragamo Sandals, Celine bag


The LOVE for…

comfort is real… fashionably comfortable? YASSS. Yesterday I really didn’t feel like doing much with the outfit choice nor did I really give two fucks cuz it was HOT AND HUMID.. and in such difficult times a girls gotta just walk out the house as naked as possible.. haha just kidding. I wore my favorite shorts which are super cute lol…

Details: @BDG denim shorts, @forever21 T-shirt (my home shirt lol), @louboutin flats, @celine sunglasses, @chanel boy bag. 



P.S. I made a face mask today consisting of an egg white, honey, yogurt, and lemon juice to lighten up the little blemish marks that I so happened to leave on my skin.. I wanna give this a try for a week every single night BEFORE I resort to a laser facial!!! WISH ME LUCK BITCHESSS… lol to much to soon??? I don’t think  so.


My Closet….

FINALLY…. my closet is finally put together and I can really start blogging about all things fashion. I got my dest set with my proper equipment (lol equipment; my computer). Sooooo… it has taken two months and a lot of anticipation to get this going and completed. I am still not completely done yet because I have this massive ass, beautiful chandelier I need to have installed in the center of the ceiling in my closet just to give it some more class and style. It seems kinda naked in here.

The pic I am sharing is a portion of my closet. My purses and stuff are on the opposite side and Im exactly the best photographer.. which I need to practice lol.

Aside from the closet Todays accessories of the day are Celine sunglasses, Louis Vuitton bag, Valentino jello sandals, and Narciso Rodriguez perfume. (best fucking smelling perfume ever, aside from Tom Ford)