Shopping as Cardio?! OOTD and SALES

Hey guys… Oh how I have missed writing. You know when you just lose all inspiration and just have a “fuck it” kind a moment, in my case more like a month lol… Yeah well that’s what happened but I’m back! 

If you are anything like me you love a good sale and love to burn calories doing what you love most… SHOP! Okay so I recently signed up for a gym membership but honestly guys… How fuckin boring is the gym 😴 legit running in the same place and smelling the people around you, ya I tried!! Instead this week the stores everywhere have been on Sale. I love my luxury items but when I can get more for my buck and stretch that shit then why not… Who wouldn’t. I know you al went to those sales… Secret of mine….. I stock up on winter clothes during the sales because they are sooooooooo damn cheap! Anyway, I will do a reveal on YouTube of the things I got sometime next week. So back to Cardio… Our best friend!!!?!? Ya right! Cardio made simple… SHOP AND TRY THINGS ON. On average you burn an average of 385 calories – the equivalent of a piece of carrot cake or two large glasses of wine – trudging around stores each week. I mean isn’t that such great news… So who’s going shopping tomorrow??! Any excuse to shop right! RIGHT 


Dress shirt: Bershka, Sandals: Jimmy Choo, Purse: Hermes 35cm Birkin

Till next time 



For the Shopaholics on a budget πŸ‘ˆπŸΌπŸ’°

Shopaholic: a person regardless of what their financial means are can not stop shopping under any circumstance, along with a euphoric, statisfying and calm feeling within all at once. 

Okay.. So I made that definition up myself but when I think shopaholic realistically that’s not what I think. That definition was more the proper serious form. My own personal reference is… 

Shopaholic: a person who loves new shit and is always determined to get what they want even if it means running through flaming hot MF Fire. 

Haha much better! Okay well I have a great solution so you can also save your money while you make these sudden impulses. My sister and I have always loved the finer things in life. Pretty clear if you hadn’t already noticed. But… For us we liked to invest our money in staple items. Things you will buy once… It will last many many years and will always be in style. I am referring to handbags and the occasional shoe. However, when it comes to clothes we like to get the most for our buck. Well granted I’m a bit picky with my jeans but I’m talking IN GENERAL. I like to spend small money on clothes that stretch my dollar and can stay in my closet for long periods of time. 

Well what to look for. You want to look for a decent quality. Honestly, my favorites are Zara and H&M. You can take the most ordinary clothing item from these places and make them look so rich. It really is a matter of how you style it. Also, look for things that are solid colors and things that can be worn tucked in, regular, with different type of bottoms and shoes. These things will keep the item in your closet for much longer…which is the point here right!!!? 

These stores make it easy to find something in fashion and chic and still have left over money to put back into ur wallet.. Or as my sister and I like… GO EAT WITH IT!! Lol. 

I got so inspired to write this when with 50€ (55-60$) I was able o get 6 tops and a pair of shorts all for summer at H&M. Honestly I was kinda shocked at the register. In a good way lol!! But I realized, wow why do people throw their hard earned money away for no reason. I have been guilty and once a while will splurge but for summer wear… Who gives a F**%. 

P.S I will share the outfits when I wear them out. 

H&M in Barcelona Below



Foods for a Slimmer Summer Waist πŸ‘™πŸŒ΄β˜€οΈ [my secret]Β 

Want that summer body?! I mean don’t we all lol! If you have been following me for a while you know that I am all about that small waist life but at the same time I LOVE to eat. Is this you? Okay great… So let me give you a summery… Quick one. In LA I was always around 106 pounds. It took me a year to get there and maintained it for 5 years. The secret… DONT SKIP BREAKFAST and eat what you crave but in a healthy SMALL portion. Yea, lose it by eating!! I swear I have done it all and this is the best way. You shrink your stomach by eating less and you aren’t starving which is great. 

Things that are super good for your waistline: 

Vegetables.. Duh! To make them more appealing, toss them into a wrap. Or cook them with coconut oil. Or bake them with olive oil and garlic. So many ways to make this amazing. But for a week take out the bad and add this and you will see the difference. 

Fruits… Again, Duh! Fruits are a great sweet treat. It has real sugars (which are good) and so many health benefits. However… Eat them lightly because Calories are still calories and fruit is sugary. So don’t over due it here lol. Ways to make this amazing. Make a fruit salad with a tablespoon of almond butter or any nut butter of choice for dipping. So bomb. Or get dark chocolate. Make fruit bowl add some KEY WORD SOME melted chocolate on it. Let it sit in the freezer and eat. Cut out the sugary foods that are bad for you and saturated with full of fat and replace it with this and give it a week and see the difference. For realz!

Also guys, honestly…. Cut out alcohol and meat products. Alcohol is so bad and so fattening. Sometimes I see girls on the beach who are sooooo close to a nice figure but are downing alcohol like its water. If they just cut that out on its own and replace it with water, it would make the biggest difference. Aside from weight… Anything that takes you out of your conscious state of mind should be avoided PERIOD! Also, meat products.. Just try and avoid it. Substitute it with cooked vegetables with flavored broth. It’s so fucking yummy and so much better for your overall health and digestion. 



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Better than S E X!!! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ˜πŸ™Š

Hey my loves… This tittle is NOT misleading lol… I mean maybe not better but along the same lines of amazing was. What am I talking about, (no it’s not food haha) but the PERFECT PAIR OF JEANS. YAAAAAAAS!! Okay so if you have been following me on social media I am as simple as it gets. I love the effortless simple chic look that looks classy and like you didn’t try very hard.. You know the model look! I have never been the type to follow trends.. Like this whole nude flow and crop tops [fucking fugly] and sports bra with leggings… Like calm down all you kim and Kylie wanna beez’, like I get you are inspired but just cuz you see it one someone else DOES NOT mean it needs to be done! Anyway, I have always loved a good pair of jeans. I own so many designer clothes and shoes and bags but I would trade my Hermes for the perfect pair of jeans! Okay, maybe not my Hermes but I wouldn’t be lying if I said getting an Hermes bag is just as exciting for me as finding the perfect pair of jeans. Like legit that tingle you get out of excitement… Ya that’s what it’s like for me haha. I just fucking can’t stand girls who “try” so hard. Penciling in their brows everyday, contouring, wearing colored hair?!? Like BE YOU, DO YOU! So nothing makes me happier than a simple perfect pair a jeans and a perfect cotton white t shirt. I feel like I am always on the hunt for the perfect white T and jeans lol. I seriously have SOOOO many jeans that sometimes I accidentally buy the same pair a few times over because I forget I already own it. 

Point of the story.. Sometimes less effort is better. Dressing up is nice also don’t get me wrong but nothing screams classy chic more than a nice denim and simple shirt with flats and a bag. If you have a nice bag collection and flats or sandals then you are set!!! 

My favorite denim brand is Rag and Bone. Their jeans just fit me perfectly cuz my waiste is a 24 and it has enough stretch and enough cotton that it makes the perfect combo. Also, I love Zara jeans (some of them…very picky cuz some look very cheap) and I love that they are so cheap you can wear them a few times and get rid of them!!! 

Rag & Bone 

These below are my favorite Rag & Bone pair of jeans. I wear these 24/7


Rag & Bone look through their collection to find your perfect pair (and no this is not sponsored) 
Zara This will get you straight to the jeans of 2016 currently available. 


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Favorite Heels πŸ‘ πŸ‘ 

Hey guys… I’m so annoyed. I tried to upload a really good video to my YouTube Channel and it’s such a bitch trying to get it to upload. Gosh! Figured I’d share lol because who likes to be frustrated alone!! 

As you know I have a huge heel collection. Though I love them all there are a few pair that I really think have overtime become my favorite pairs. Even though I don’t wear them as much as some other pairs… They are still my favs.. They just aren’t so practical. But… Look wise and comfort wise they are bomb. 

The first pair is my Christian Louboutin spiked boots. I get so many compliments of these every time I wear them and they have easily become my favorite grab during winter season. They are surprisingly super comfortable (if you are a regular heel walker). They legit spice up any outfit. Also, these beauties where the start to my Instagram and blog. Posted these and Christian Louboutin featured it on his page AND website!!! UMM YAS!

Since we are on the topic of Christian Louboutin these lace up suede heels are my absolutely favorite. I will make an excuse to wear these anytime. For these, I match my outfit to my shoes not my shoes to my outfit. They are by far one of my most comfortable high heels.. Actually they are much more comfortable than my low heels. But God these are LIFE. So sexy. So nice. So glam. Like grrrrrr… Lol too much??!? Love it!

I also wanted to mention these beauties… Saint Laurent booties.. As seen on Kim K like all the time. These are so sexy. I freaking love these. They are also super comfortable ONCE the leather has been stretched and worn in… So after the second wear. I get a lot of compliments when I wear these as well BUT I personably do not like them with pants. I will strictly only wear these with something that goes above my knees, that’s just my style tho! 

So there you have it. My Favs lol… Does it even matter haha well for those who want to invest I recommend these. 



Makeup: BAKING tips

Hey guys… Okay so let me tell you. If you are trying to keep your makeup on all freaking day then you are about to read the right blog. If you are going to do an event or going on date night, clubbing, bday party or just want to impress people with ur flawless face then you need to bake and buff!!! People think just baking and leaving the lose powder sitting on ur face it will do the trick. NOOO ur wrong. Here’s what you NEED to be doing… Once you have applied ur foundation, concealer and pressed powder… Take ur translucent powder and apply it under ur eyes and around ur mouth and contour. Right away dust it off. It doesn’t need to sit there for ever idk why girls do that. Dust it off and apply ur highlighter and blush. Once you have done that… This is the trick that really makes shit amazing. Take a buffing brush and your pressed powder and buff it into ur skin with circular motions, get that pressed powder really into your skin. Yes guys… This step is over the highlighter and blush but believe me your face will look FLAWLESS and PORELESS needless to say it will look amazing in photos. 

P.S for girls that are my skin color.. Do NOT use a white or yellow powder to set the under eye. You want to use a pinkish powder to set the under eye because it eliminates all the black and really stands out more!!! 



Perfect Selfie #saycheese πŸ§€πŸ“ΈπŸ“ΈπŸ“Έ

Okay we all take selfies. Even those who don’t post it or admit to it. You do it also. I recently read that the average person will snap 25,000 selfies in their lifetime. WOWZA!! That’s determination. But I am guilty of it. I mean if you are one of those who’s FIRST pic comes out amazing then ur a lucky bitch and I am not talking to you haha but I’m assuming most people are like me. Where you have to take 20+ selfies to finally get one that came out “decent” hahaha. A lot people ask me how I take my selfies and what filter I use. So here it is; first thing… I always hold the camera for head level because it slims out ur face… Honestly!! Secondly I don’t pick a filter I custom make my own using the brightner/contrast and saturation. That’s it. Lastly… I’ve discovered when you set ur pic taking to the 3seconed timer and it snaps 10 photos back to back… You really find a good picture much faster. Oh and if you watch my Instagram videos… Yes I take those myself also.. Trick? I set my phone on the table and press record or the 3second timer… This last step tho is only temporary till my husband comes back and takes them for me haha. 

Now you know… So go take a pic and tag me in it so I can see it. 



Shoe closet [when it’s no longer there] πŸ˜³πŸ™ˆπŸ‘ 

Hey guys… Okay my shoes… All my beautiful shoes are gone and it’s really starting to sink in. When I say gone I mean being shipped to Los Angeles. I sooooooooooo miss them. I know they are just material items but OMG I am getting so fucking tired of wearing sneakers. Here in Barcelona people (the locals) don’t start showing their toes till early July lol, ya it’s weird AF so I always feel awkward when I want to wear my sandals or flats or something. 

I just miss having options. I also really want summer to come along. Is anyone else like me!!? You know when it’s summer and ur out there dying of heat and you start buying new cute fall clothes ur like WHERE ARE YOU WINTER…I’m ready for you! And when it’s winter it’s like wtf man when is it gonna be summer already hahaha I can’t be the only one!!!

Okay back to shoes. So ya I am really enjoying Barcelona… Although I love it here I don’t feel as if it’s such a “dress up” heels type of city. Everyone is so fuckin casual. And sadly I have converted to the dark side of sneakers and casual everyday also and I hate it!!! 

P.S I have fallen in love with the new MuiMui lace up shoes with the big platform  ugh love. Check the link and tell me you don’t agree!!! Mui Mui



Makeup Details [making your nose slim] 😳 

Hey guys, everyone knows that contouring makes the biggest difference when it come to makeup! But do we really have to heavily highlight and contour to achieve a slimmer nose and more defined cheek bones!!??! I THINK NOT… Haha. Okay guys… I have been so fuckin lazy lately. When I do full glam it’s like WoW I have accomplished something today lol.. 

So yesterday I put some music on (Havana nights soundtrack YAS!) and started my makeup. I loved the turn out. I legit blew up my snapchat yesterday., because when makeup is on FLEEK it’s got to be known and shown. LoL. 

Okay my trick to a lifted slim nose. What I do is take an eyeshadow brush and my bronzer (Benefit Hoola) and make two very VERY light narrow lines going down the sides of my nose. Then I make a light line across to give it that bubble look as well and do bronze under by my nostrils. Once I have done this I then use my MAC NC5 powder to draw a line in the middle and on the tip. Once you do all this just lightly with your powder brush slightly blend it all in for the most natural look!!!!!! If this doesn’t make sense let me know and I will do a blog post with step by step pictures to show how it’s done…. Yeah I am that nice!! What can I say. Hahaha… Jk! 

Oh and don’t forget to use a nice golden (white undertone) highlighter with the same shadow brush pick some up and apply it ONLY on the tip of the nose and from between the brows straight down. but make sure you don’t connect that line with the tip of ur nose. Gives a much nicer illusion. 



Long Lashes.. My secrets

Hey guys… I have been very sharing this week haha sharing all my tips and tricks and secrets. Well I really wanted to share how I achieve such long healthy lashes. Fortunately I was born with nice thick lashes but they haven’t always been as long as I’d like. They go through these weird fucking stages where it’s like damnnnn lashes on FLEEK….to damn wtf happened…. Haha yea well if you are having these issues then don’t worry because I will share the easiest tip for you to help grow them and keep them healthy. 

Just like your hair the follicles of your lashes produce essential oils to promote hair growth. But if you are anything like me and can’t live without a day of mascara well then you are really damaging the core of your lashes. What I do? Well I learned this from my mom who learned it from her mom. Basically go to a store that carries authentic natural oils and pick up natural Argon oil OR Caster oil. Yup! That’s it! What you do!? So every night before you go into bed after you’ve washed your face, take a Q-tip and dab it into the oil (very little. It goes a log way) and just press it into the lash follicles. Do this every single night for two weeks and you will see such a drastic difference guys. Seriously. Imagine making a habit out of it and doing it for months. WOWZA. This is so much better than fake glued lashes and all that garbage. Be patient and just watch what can happen. 

Also: this remedy world just as well applied on your eyebrows if you are missing hair. It takes longer but it happens.