French Macaron Recipe for Beginners

Literally starting this post by saying LITERALLY… took me three back to back failed attempts to get these suckers to bake pretty perfectly. Appearance for me is very important but it can look as beautiful as you like but if it tastes like shit… well then your not going to make some bellies very happy!!! Even though my amazing husband ate the first few failed attempts lol.. it still wasn’t working out to well for me. I just couldn’t figure it out and I read nearly 30 other recipes and even watched videos. So I did what I do best when I want something to come out GOOD. I stopped following what everyone else was doing and saying and winged it writing everything down along the way.. and to my surprise it came out amazing. Now, I’m not saying that this is the BEST way or the RIGHT way.. everyones oven is different and mixing skills are different and weight measurements are different. But this worked for me and it may just work for you.. what I will tell you about this recipe however though is that its super super EASY! No complications or other bs fillers. Okay enough talking…

To watch along as you make these click the link –––> French Macaron Tutorial

Ingredients For Macaron Cookie (for best results use a scale)

  • 200g Icing sugar
  • 120g Almond Flour
  • 30g Granulated Sugar
  • 3 Egg whites
  • Food coloring and Vanilla options

Ingredients For Filling (Ganache)

  • Milk Chocolate of choice
  • 3 Tbsp Heavy whipping cream/cooking creme


  • In a bowl SIFT together almond flour and sugar. Be sure to sift this once or twice to make sure there is absolutely no lumps of almond! Set aside
  • In another bowl whisk together egg whites till foamy and pale. Add in sugar in two parts and continue whisking on full speed till fluffy and tripled in size (stiff peaks). This is the time to add in Flavoring and Food coloring. Whisk again just enough to combine the flavor and color.
  • Fold in the wet into dry in two parts. Do not whisk. Fold this in very slowly and diligently. You want to keep the air that was whipped into the egg whites.
  • Keep folding till you have reached the ribbon stage or as some call it.. lava stage. This is when you pick up your spatula and the mixture is thick and folds on itself like a ribbon.
  • Place the batter into a piping bag/ziplock bag and cut a small hole at the tip
  • On a baking sheet make small circles leaving an inch and a half space between each cookie. Once you have piped on the cookies.. Pick up your baking tray and bang it, slam it, pound it.. on the counter a few times to remove any access air bubbles. VERY IMPORTANT STEP! I noticed that the air bubbles are what make the top crack and break..if you see any bubbles that didn’t pop while banging you a small sharp object and poke them out manually.
  • Let me sit for 15 to 20 minutes till the top is firm to the touch. (touch the batter gently, if there is no batter on you finger they are ready to go into the oven)
  • Place the macarons in the oven for 8 to 10 minutes on 160 C. This may take a few tries to get right for some ovens are different then others.
  • Once time has lapsed, remove them of the tray and let them fully cool for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Meanwhile you can make the ganache. In a bowl heat together chocolate and cream. Stir it till its nicely combined and the chocolate is fully melted. Place this into the fridge to slightly harden
  • Once ganache has hardened add it to a piping bag and fill the bottom of one macaron and place another on top GENTLY pressing them together.

That is it. Very few ingredients and once you get the hang of it.. its also one of the easiest to make. So satisfying also if I may say so myself.  hahaha Hope you guys give this a try and be as creative as possible. Enjoy!



The “Rules” of Being a Fashion Blogger

The rules? Are there actual rules for those who are trying to become a fashion blogger?!

Lets analyze this a little. Since I am in the category of wanting to become the ultimate fashion blogger.. where I attend all the fashion shows and sit amongst all the girls who are doing and have been successful doing what I am now trying to do. #motivation. But in the Fashion Blogger world are their rules? If I can be honest here.. I personally don’t give a shit about what you must look like or put out to be a big time blogger. I mean, there are very few F.B that I look to for inspiration because you can really tell they are just being themselves and not trying to hard.

Lets discuss what I think the rules here might be. Have you ever come across a F.B Instagram pictures and realized OR thought.. wow everything is so color themed.. does this person not own any colored clothes outside of nudes and Does this person ever eat the way I do.. like a fucking pig?!! or is everything always avocado toast with a side of some green shit smoothie.. or perhaps a green kale salad with quinoa haha.. Are these “rules” or are these things they are really doing. Well.. clearly they are obviously doing these things.. no one orders a bs kale salad to just toss in the trash.. they are going to eat it, BUT.. that kale salad was most likely planned in their head before even arriving to that lunch spot. A blogger.. F.B, will plan something out in their head.. something that meets the Social media vibe they are keeping up on their Instagram and whatever fits that theme.. that is where they will go eat and what they will order!! I mean if you really pay attention.. in Los Angles most successful food spots are “Instagram photo” worthy. But does this mean they don’t eat that pizza or sloppy burger.. or maybe even order steak or chicken… of course they do, they just don’t post that picture because it doesn’t fit in with their social media theme. Same shit with clothes. I personally hate when I see ZERO colors on someones social media accounts. After a while, fifty posts of just soft pinks and beiges and grey.. that shit gets so repetitive, what happened to the vibrant colors in life. Are these rules? I kinda think its a mental rule that most F.B feel they need to apply to keep a following or grow their following. Maybe thats why I haven’t been growing so rapidly. Because I just love color lol. I love to post pictures that I like.. not giving a f^%$ what my background is, or where I’m eating.. I want those following me to feel the realness behind my pictures. Honestly there is only 1 F.B that is the same way and has managed to reach 1million followers by doing so.. and for that I commend her!!! #goals.

In a society where everyone is doing the same… sometimes being different will make you stand out and shine!!! Be your own rule maker and focus on the beautiful things in life.. my motto!!

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YouTube FAIL! -beauty

Youtube… I started youtube a few months ago and I was like okay this is my shit… I am going to make hundreds of videos and become a youtube sensation.. hahahahaha NOT! I didn’t realize how much time and effort filming a video takes. What people watching see in 15min takes about an hour to film and about 4 hours to edit lol. But I didn’t mind it. I really enjoyed it and it kinda went from strictly makeup videos to all kinds of videos. Recently I have been getting more subscribers and I thought okay its time to make another video, considering a month had lapsed since my last one. Soooooo I set up all the lights and camera and blah blah blah… I filmed a 45 minute fuckin video only to HATE IT.

Hahah so let me say why I hated it. I was like happy dandy the first half of the video.. and then the second half I was like omg why am I so ugly right now..lmao. YES this happens to us all at some point in our life. Well for me its often. People assume because I get so many compliments I am the most confident person alive.. and most the time I am because I am happy within, but last night I had a moment guys.. I looked at the projector and was like damn I look so fucking ugly, pale and fat right now haaha.. so after crying for about 10min I just closed my camera without shooting and intro and walked out!!!! LOL I am fucking crazy I know but I am real and I am human. I don’t want to come off as fake and yaaaaay I am perfect cuz I am far from it. We all have our moments and I wanted to share that last night was mine… to be honest Id much rather be in New York for fashion week than shooting a Youtube video…..COMMON FASHION PEOPLE SEND ME ALREADY!! haha


Of course.. had I filmed an Intro I would have probably uploaded the video today because I snapped out of that shit real quick!! and that ladies and gents is how the cookie crumbles.. in a girls world at least!!!

Here is the look I was supposed to share but didn’t… 



P.S If you look closely at the pic above you will spot a WHITE FUCKIN STRAND OF HAIR… Im getting old!!!!





Makeup tutorial Video

Hey guys so here is a Makeup tutorial I posted on Youtube that never got uploaded and I JUST REALIZED it never got uploaded lol. Go watch it and subscribe to my youtube channel. BTW guys… I am not professional at this stuff, I just freaking love makeup and being able to be in charge of how I can make myself look. I mean who doesn’t love to contour and highlight. Go watch this to see how I contour and highlight. I DO NOT USE creams to do it, solely use powder based products. One, because it stays matt for longer throughout the day, and two because I break out easily and the more creamy stuff I put on my face the worse I break out.