Neck Choker 😑

Okay are we all seeing the neck choker becoming a huge trend these days. Where these not the biggest deal 10 years ago also!!?! I haven’t decided how I feel about it just yet. I walked into a cool vintage shop in town and found some cool ones that are on the thicker side. I of course tried it on and it looked kinda good. I mean my hair was up so it wasn’t bad. I still don’t know though… I feel like the requirements to pulling these neck chokers off is 1. A long neck. If you have a short neck it just looks like you now have NO neck lol 2. Defined jaw line. So here is where my problem lies. I have baby fat under my chin that loves me so much it always sticks around lol hahaha (made myself laugh..cute) but really…I feel like those who have that defined jaw line can really pull this look off. If you have a supppperrr defined jaw line even on a short neck it will look okay!!! Unfortunately I have neither of these things going for me lol so I haven’t really decided if its something I feel confident enough to wear out. The thought of it tho is fun. 

Any ways Outfit Details from yesterday. I kept it really casual because I walk A LOT on the daily. So comfort is my vision these days till I return back to Cali! Also side note: I shipped all my things to LA so my bags, shoes, clothes, dresses… You name it…. It’s in cargo on its way to LA!! I legit have two bags of clothes and I am making it work, to the best of my ability that is. Lol 

The black top above was very popular! I got it from Zara and should still be available in stores now.

Okay guys thoughts ☝🏼 ??? How do we feel about these things??? ✍🏼 

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Trip to Mallorca and Ibiza.. fashion, beauty and tips

Hey guys. This past week has been a bit all over the place. I started my journey in Morocco (which I spoke about in my last blog) came back to Barcelona and 2 days later packed and went to Palma De Mallorca for 2 days, packed and went to Ibiza for a day, took a fairy ride to Formentero Ishland for a day.Yeah I am HAPPY to be home for a day before leaving again tomorrow. lol

Palma De Mallorca

This place was beautiful. Although Palma De Mallora is in Spain, it is so different compared to Barcelona. This place is serially beauty. It is much smaller and it isn’t as crowded as Barcelona which was nice. It was super clean and the people where extremely friendly and kind. While we were there we tried to see as much as we possibly could. The first day we went to Old Town which was very medieval times and rusted. It felt like I was walking through a Italian town from 1000 years ago. Because I love shit like that I thought it was amazing. However, I will say though the lack of taxis in Mallorca is limited. We ended up getting stuck in that town for a few hours longer due to non existent taxis. The second day we went by the beach and to see the Dracula Caves. OMG this shit was beautiful. They do a boat show towards the end its definitely a must do if you are there… I personally thought it would be the ideal setting to propose to your significant other!!!! Moving on; fashion here was not happening. Everyone was old and it was pretty empty. There were A LOT  of germans there.. sometimes it felt like we stepped into Germany and not Spain. Buuuut I love my Germans so its all good. My attire on this trip was comfortable and causal. We did a lot of walking and it was cold so I honestly didn’t care tooooooo much… but still I kept it cute!!!


Airport Outfit. 

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Sites. Cathedrals. Dracula Cave. Beach. 



The entrance to OLD TOWN 


Lets just say this place is superrrrrrrr fucking over rated. The image I had set in my mind for this place was soo different from what it actually was. Okay.. Ibiza is for the 18-25 year old person looking to come get fucked up, party their asses off, go see all the house music djs play and rave. If you aren’t coming here with these intentions you probably won’t enjoy  “IBIZA” they way you think you may. Thats all I have to say about this place.. the beaches were beautiful and blue and I can see why youngsters go there but I would never return and if I did it would strictly be to take the Fairy ride to another Island. 




AAAAHHHHHHH YES. This place was heaven. I feel like the younger stay in Ibiza the elders stay at Formentera. You guys this place is fucking breath taking. I have been to some beautiful places around the world but this has to be on my top 5 places to be for summer. The water is crystal blue and it remains under 2ft for about a mile in. It is such a nature filled place and it was peaceful. My husband and I rented a small convertible there and just took a few hours to go around the entire island… it was probably my best and most favorite part of our trip. You can just tell the difference once you are there compared to Ibiza. The beach front hotels are very nice and elegant with an older crowd and families… just beautiful. If I was to every go back to Ibiza it would be to stay here. HEAVEN!


Tomorrow we are leaving for Monte-Carlo France to visit it there and then we will be back home for a while before leaving Spain which is existing as well. …. The staying home part lol.

Hope you guys are having an amazing day. Also EID MOBARAK (happy new year) to all my Persians out there!!!!




Travels: Morocco Fashion & Experience

Ahhh yes, Morocco Marakesh… where I stayed for three days. Where do I begin, this place is unreal. There is so much culture in Morocco that sometimes I would walk through it all and feel as if though I was in a old school movie. Lets talk about the good things first. Morocco is beautiful in its own ways. The people are extremely welcoming and friendly which you don’t get everywhere you go in the world… so this was a breath of fresh air. Also, the food was amazing.. everything had this special moroccan spice mixed into it and whatever it was I wasn’t complaining. I mean even their american style pizza had moroccan taste to it lol… although at times it was a bit over whelming. Can I just touch basis again and mention how full of culture this country is. Its a middle eastern (muslim) country and even though I as a middle eastern though I would fit in, I actually stood out like a soar thumb lol. 

The other side to Morocco. This is my own opinion and we did stay in the medina (the touristy section) so my opinion is based off that. Okay, for those who don’t know me… I have OCD… not literally but you know what I mean. I am a clean freak and I enjoy clean places. For example Barcelona, this place is sooooo fucking clean and put together I love it. However, Morocco was soooooo dirty. There were a million cats (walking inside the restaurant while you are eating) and beggars (for money) and people just stopping to gargle up snot on the street floors.. oh and the million and one bugs on the foods in the street stands. Honestly, during our trip at times it became too much. My husband and I would go walking in the souk and within 2 hours we would both get headaches and feel dizzy. That is the only negative. But all in all it was one of my most incredible experiences to be able to visit such a cultured country. If I had to suggest it to a friend I definitely would hands down. 

Fashion in Morocco. Okay guys… I tried to be fashionable but we were walking in sand and dirt and in jam packed streets with donkeys and horses everywhere so I really didn’t have much of an option. Also Morocco is a religious Muslim country and it is disrespectful to wear shorts and to expose your shoulders… therefore my fashion was a T-shirt, black jeans and sneakers (thank god for my sneakers). Oh and since its the desert.. it would be burning hot during the day and freezing fucking cold at night. 

My favorite part of the whole trip: Camel riding. The weather was amazing. The scene was breathtaking. The hosts were humble. and it really was full of Moroccan culture pre car days!!!

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And shes back!!!!

Hey guys… yes its time for another blog.. well it was time a while ago but I have been a bit busy these days! Well where do I start, I have been traveling the last month which was nice and draining all in one. However, I loved it!!!

Where I went? I went to Paris, London and back to Paris. Currently in Spain… blah!!! I will forever love Paris.. its such a beautiful city. Everytime I go there I feel like I just belong. Everything is so nice and clean and the stores guys are on point. I will say though.. I went back to Paris after my London trip and I was so exhuasted and I was so ready to leave. Its nice the first couple times but after it gets old… doesnt everywhere!!!!

L O N D O N… I loved it there. From the buildings to the stores to the people, the atmosphere… I loved it all… and omg the FUCKING FOOD.. YASSS. So let me share why loved London so much. Well for one everyone speaks english, clearly. All the tv channels are in english, the theaters, the people, the signs… I loved that.. so refreshing to hear my language being spoken on the daily again. Secondly I loved how multicultural the place was. I mean the place was packed with Arabs, Indians, Russians, Asians, Persians, Brits… it was so diverse and reminded me a lot of Los Angeles. Third, I loved that London had persian food resturants in every corner… I know thats weird but when you persian living in Los Angeles all youre life.. these fuckin things are nice to come by in another country… trust me!!!!! And do I even dare mention the shopping… who knew London was home to the wealthy.. I knew it was a high class place but man.. the Arabs have taken over that place.. I saw nothing but ferraris, Lambos, Rolls Roys and rang rovers.. I mean it was crazy… but I fucking loved it. The fashion was on point.. all the woman are extremely fashion foward and on point. I totally fit in. waaaagh. I mean realistically I miss LA more than anything but London felt so much like home I loved it. They had costco, they had whole foods, and almost everything else LA has…

By far one of my favorite places Ive visited and I have been to quit a few places.

P.S I ruined one of my favorite pair of Louboutins while there and lost my luggage which contained $20,000 worth of merchandise in it at the airport in Spain.. but luckly many hours later it was found!!! phewwwwww…

~My F A S H I O N while in London and more…~


The shoes I damaged wagggghhhhh… the brick floors in London are not heel friendly… IMG_3303IMG_3310IMG_3461IMG_3339IMG_3460IMG_3485IMG_3530IMG_3531IMG_3621IMG_3612IMG_3639IMG_3645IMG_3651IMG_3753IMG_3749IMG_3778IMG_3793



And still going…!!! I haven’t been able to write for some time now because my mom has come to visit me from LA. Its been about a week now that she has been here and she goes back on monday. So, in this week I have gained 3 pounds (from her persian food cooking), I went to Madrid and all in all walked about 15+++ miles lol.

My moms arrival has made me realize three things, 1. That I need to go on a major diet and workout plan (for real), 2. I am so damn lonely without the company of my mom here and 3. I can’t believe I live in Barcelona over Madrid for the next year.

Lets talk about it, maybe that way I will feel a bit content (for now). I am on a strict diet as of today.. and I am for real because I know I wrote about it a while ago.. but my face has gotten so round. And for some it looks good but for me a round face does not really suit me… aside from a round face I can barely breath in my jeans.. ugh why do I love food so much. So my body weight loss inspiration has been Morgan Stewart from RKOBH.. that girl went from medium to TINY.. something I once did and felt so accomplished about. Its all about the self control and I know I have that shit in me.. just watch!!!

On to the next…, I am so sad my mom is leaving on Monday. I actually have someone to socialize with and walk with.. I realize now how lonely I am without her here. Walking ALL BY MYYYYY SEEEEELLFFF…..  I need to make some friends. Its hard to make REAL friends these days that you have something genuine in common with. Especially here in Spain where no one speaks english and well… my spanish isn’t on any level of anything just yet so that makes it even that much more difficult. To be very honest… aside from good hearted friends.. they also need to be fashionable and on my level.. yes yes I know that sounds all kinds of bad..but its the truth lol.. sorry not sorry?

Lastly.. Madrid. Oh how I fell in love. Kinda. lol. So I went to Madrid with my mom for two days… I LOVED IT… I mean Barcelona is nice also and has its perks (a beach) but Madrid felt more like LOS ANGELES something I am used to. It was big and full of life and big streets with CARS driving .. big cars… and there was so much to the place that it was nearly impossible to get bored in a years stay. Here, I feel so compressed into a small community because Ive already seen and done everything there is because its such a small city. I must say though, the weather in Barcelona shits on the weather in Madrid.

To the exciting part… some pics of my activities with my mamma bear during the week and some things I wore!!!



I never really used to travel too much because of all the BS life has to offer lol. However, recently I moved from Los Angeles to Barcelona Spain. I must say the transition is EXTREMELY freaking hard… (even harder) but this place is slowly growing on me. Or maybe my mind is playing tricks on me telling me I need to adapt already. Its been about one month since we (husband and I) have been here but before coming here we did some traveling. First stop…Mexico. Okay guys soooo I like mexico BUTTTT only the “nice” areas such as playa del Carmen.. man that place was like paradise. Ive been to Bora Bora and let me tell you…. this place in Mexico was the Id go there over Bora Bora again any day. Second stop… Paris France. Umm I love this place, not to live but just to eat, sight see and shop. We were debating whether to live there or Spain and clearly we choose Spain lol. So any who.. back to Paris.. it needs to be on everyone list of places to visit before they die. A M A Z I N G. Cant wait to go back. Third stop, Stockholm Sweden. Hmmm I can’t talk shit because I’m born and raised there… however its simple try to go for the one week of summer that they have, if you plan on going… don’t go winter time. Its fucking depressing!!! Fourth and final stop… Barcelona Spain.. well at least for now… we are planning on Ibiza and Morocco soon as well but once the weather gets warmer. So yeah… there you have it my journey thus far.

Oh and P.S… I absolutely love Spain. I went from living a fast paste life in LA, shopping all day, fine restaurants, living the luxurious life… to living a normal life. Its taking a little getting used to but its very nice to see everyone just dressed normal and walking or bike ridding the streets having coffee with friends and family…. AFTER ALL isn’t that what life should really be about… enjoying it as it passes instead of look back and wonder where it went?

Paris the Famous Tour 
I should become a photographer
I should become a photographer


Love Lock Bridge
Love Lock Bridge

So thats Paris…

Sweden Stockholm
Sweden Stockholm


LOL and this is why I say go summer time
LOL and this is why I say go summer time

And that was Sweden…

Barcelona Spain
Barcelona Spain


And now that you know I am no professional photographer lol….. Hope you enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!