HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY TO MY BLOG!!! Haha.. okay today is one year since I started blogging. I opened my blog page when I first moved to Spain because I was just so lonely and depressed. I figured if I open a blog it will be a way of keeping busy and taking my mind of the fact that I hated life!!! Deep Shit right there haha!!! But really… I had just packed my bags and left and I knew nothing and no one, so I turned to blogging in hopes of also interacting with people and making friends. I can’t begin to express how far this has come. I have over 20k followers on Instagram and my blog has gotten so many views which is crazy. To think that Blogging would be a form of escape for me is surreal. You guys have been through all my complaining, fashion, glam, food, diets and etc… and for that I FUCKING LOVE YOU ALL.

This year is going to be a crazy year for me and I can’t wait to share it with you guys. I only have 2 months left in Barcelona Spain before relocating. I don’t want to give all the details just yet but soon enough you guys will see!! There are so many exciting things happening and going to happen that my life is taking a complete turn for the better. I seriously can’t believe I have been sitting behind this computer in SPAIN for a whole year writing. I have seriously grown to love Barcelona and am going to miss it.. but I will be back next year for a week or so!!! So in this two months I am going to fully enjoy beautiful Barcelona Spain and can’t wait to leave at the same time… lol.

Anyways.. what I basically and simply wanted to say is THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU ALL. I am so much happier today then I was when I began this and I am so grateful for all the new friends I have made and followers that I have.





is finalllllly complete!!!! Well with the exception of my chandelier being hung sometime this week… its pretty finished. Took me a lot of hard work I must say. lol no really its tough labor. Anyway… I finally completed.. I envisioned it and make it come to life. I can legit be in here all day and not be bothered. My shoe closet however is far from completed. Now my focus is going to be completely directed to that area of my closet… yes life is difficult.. what can I say, I am a PRINCESS! I must give my husband a shoutout though for letting me take over so many rooms just for my shit lol… even though he has created himself a man cave in another room… just in case you were wondering our home has 6 rooms!!! Our bedroom, his office/man cave, my walking closet, my shoe closet, room turned into TV room, and the guest bedroom!!

Ohhhhh and other exciting news, well what I thought was exciting news.. I got amazing LED lights like the pros use around their mirror right??!! but I got mine for around my computer.. so I open them and realize I can’t use that shit because it fuckin needs some special electric wires which my wall does not have, which means I would have to have an electrician come install.. LIKE WTF… who sells shit like that.. and who doesn’t pay attention when buying shit like that lol.. I did get a small LED desk lamp which isn’t sufficient enough for makeup tutorials BUT.. the cool person that I am imma make one anyways and see how it turns out… whatever it is it’ll be better than anything I have preciously made with NO light. lol





So the closet is a little bigger but I couldn’t fit it all in a pic but you guys get the idea!!!!!!!

Happy girl


All black…

and a POP of color!!!! Yes that hint of color is PINK like wtf. I am changing purses today cuz honestly I’m just doing to much lol… jk its cuz the purse is so damn heavvvayyy!!! So anyways, it was about time I did some shopping yesterday, even though t was “light” shopping I still needed the therapy. On this wonderful journey I wore…


IMG_8497 IMG_8540 IMG_8529

The Sparkle to…

my soul! By now we all know I am obsessed with LOUBOUTIN. Oh and can I just take a moment and share the fact that their instagram page has acknowledged TWO of my photos and asked to use them.. such an honor lol… now only if I can meet the man behind the red bottoms.. that would be awesome. Actually I am dying to attend his fashion shows and take millions of pictures to share with the world!!!!

Until then… I will just create my own little fashion clips of my amazing shoe collection.

Todays shoe: Christian Louboutin 


Outfit of the day…. Fashion


Okay before I start.. I am currently eating some candy while typing this and I just ate a gummy bear that was soooo fucking spicy the side of my cheek is numb. Hmm lol anyways…

Todays outfit details: ZARA shirt, HUDSON jeans, LOUIS VUITTON purse, GUCCI sandals.

IT WAS SOOOOO HOT TODAY…. I asked and God gave… I love you!!!!


Todays Makeup Look I did more of a WET glow bronzy thing. If you guys want details of products used comment below.


P.S… On the 11th my mom will be here from Los Angeles to visit me for two weeks and I am soooooo freaking excited. Haven’t seen her for 5 months now and that has been the hardest part ever. She and my sister are my best friends and to depart from them for such a long period of time is very difficult. Anywho, point is lol…. I will take lots of pictures and upload them. YAY… 

BTW: I AM OBSESSED WITH MY NAME NECKLACE. It is written in Farsi and it says my name “Sonya”… if you life in the Valley in Cali, my mom got it for me from the topanga mall and its 14k gold plated so you can shower and swim with it on!!!

Just talk…

Hey guys.. typically I would share something about fashion with you guys… but I will share that I finally ended up making that youtube makeup video of how I highlight and contour using powders instead of creams. Go Go Go check it out!!!!!

Well.. since my followers haven’t really gotten to know me that well just yet… I wanted to share my secret addition with you guys… yes aside from shopping and fashion.. I am talking about a REAL addiction which I am pretty sure others are experiencing as well….


I am so serious.. does anyone understand this? what do they put in this bag that makes them so fucking addicting. Now, I don’t just open the bag and eat them just plain like those plain boring people… I pour mine in a bowl and add about three squeezed lemons and a tablespoon of shiracha for heat (more heat).. some chili pepper powder… mix it all and eat it.. lol yes I eat it with chop sticks because I just like people knowing how often I eat them, considering it leaves a intense red stain on you nail and fingers.

Another way to eat them… WITH VANILLA BEAN ICE CREAM… OMFG.. OOOMMMFFFGGG… you guys I know it sounds fucking digesting but please go out and try it… take a bowl, add a scoop of vanilla BEAN ice cream and open your bag of regular hot cheetos and tip it in you’re ice cream H E A V E N!!!

Try it… how I eat my hot cheetos.. share how you eat yours so I can try it..

PS. I just ordered $80 worth of hot cheetos to be shipped to me.. since Spain doesn’t sell it.. psh like wth


P.P.S…. I saw the cutes freaking Versace sandals today.. Will share a pic on my next blog post. (typically hate versace cuz I think its for a certain type of person.. that NOT being me) but these were impressive.



As you guys can see, if you haven’t already noticed I am middle eastern. I am Persian (full), born and raised in Sweden. Fortunately for me I genetically received my mothers beautiful thick long lashes. I typically always get compliments on how long they are and for some ODD reason I was stupid enough to follow social media and an implanted idea my friend had to get lash extensions. So, on my travels to Sweden I decided to get my lashes fixed. I am very grateful I went to a really good place because God knows Ive seen some fucked up shit on line….phewww… I went in and as I laid down the lady looked at my lashes and said “you have really nice lashes already are you sure you want to get them done” and of course the DETERMINED person that I am lol, I got them done. The first two weeks was heaven Im not even gonna lie. I loved them. Literally an “I woke up like diss” moment. Long story short had them in for a good three weeks and started to realize my lashes kept falling off every time I would wash my face (even though I was super careful). Once I got to Spain I went right away and got them removed by a professional. People….. I left with tears in my eyes. My eye lashes legit looked like roach legs. It was horrible. I am so passionate about telling people NOT TO DO IT because it fucks your own shit up big times. It took me a good month and a half with amazing care of applying oils and hair growth products for them to grow back to their natural state. THANK GOD.

GIRLS….. don’t get them. WEAR FAKE LASHES and take that shit off at the end of the night. You are better off.

P.S With lash extensions you can’t even wear liquid liner or mascara and God knows I can’t live without my mascara.


SECOND PIC: DURING LASHES- lash extensions

THIRD PIC: RIGHT AFTER LASHES- two days after lashes were taken off

FOURTH PIC: NOW!!!!!- my own lashes



Ps. Sorry if the pics are a bit blurry!!!!!


PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE…… why are we not shopping at Zara more and posting more pics of their stuff. Like I know I am super obsessed with Zara BUT like for real how fucking amazing are these booties. They are super comfy and I can walk in them all day. [Well… I haven’t walking in them just yet lol, but I know my shoes and these babies feel comfortable… plus the thicker the heel the more comfortable the walk]. I just bought these at the Zara store in Spain. Believe it or nottttt, I had to go into 4 Zara stores to finally get these in my size [last pair in the back.. lucky me]. Ummmm… go get yours.. so cute.

IMG_2325 IMG_2334 IMG_2336

P.S. Don’t judge my white ass legs. #ineedatan


So…. Breakfast is my absolute favorite meal of the day. If for any reason I skip it, don’t talk to me till I eat something and drink a cup of coffee. I’m trying to lose 4 pounds so this is my “healthy” breakfast. Live from Barcelona I present to you a very typical Swedish breakfast. (The swedish in me)

Healthy, yet amazing
Healthy, yet amazing