Favorite Heels 👠👠

Hey guys… I’m so annoyed. I tried to upload a really good video to my YouTube Channel and it’s such a bitch trying to get it to upload. Gosh! Figured I’d share lol because who likes to be frustrated alone!! 

As you know I have a huge heel collection. Though I love them all there are a few pair that I really think have overtime become my favorite pairs. Even though I don’t wear them as much as some other pairs… They are still my favs.. They just aren’t so practical. But… Look wise and comfort wise they are bomb. 

The first pair is my Christian Louboutin spiked boots. I get so many compliments of these every time I wear them and they have easily become my favorite grab during winter season. They are surprisingly super comfortable (if you are a regular heel walker). They legit spice up any outfit. Also, these beauties where the start to my Instagram and blog. Posted these and Christian Louboutin featured it on his page AND website!!! UMM YAS!

Since we are on the topic of Christian Louboutin these lace up suede heels are my absolutely favorite. I will make an excuse to wear these anytime. For these, I match my outfit to my shoes not my shoes to my outfit. They are by far one of my most comfortable high heels.. Actually they are much more comfortable than my low heels. But God these are LIFE. So sexy. So nice. So glam. Like grrrrrr… Lol too much??!? Love it!

I also wanted to mention these beauties… Saint Laurent booties.. As seen on Kim K like all the time. These are so sexy. I freaking love these. They are also super comfortable ONCE the leather has been stretched and worn in… So after the second wear. I get a lot of compliments when I wear these as well BUT I personably do not like them with pants. I will strictly only wear these with something that goes above my knees, that’s just my style tho! 

So there you have it. My Favs lol… Does it even matter haha well for those who want to invest I recommend these. 



Shoe closet [when it’s no longer there] 😳🙈👠

Hey guys… Okay my shoes… All my beautiful shoes are gone and it’s really starting to sink in. When I say gone I mean being shipped to Los Angeles. I sooooooooooo miss them. I know they are just material items but OMG I am getting so fucking tired of wearing sneakers. Here in Barcelona people (the locals) don’t start showing their toes till early July lol, ya it’s weird AF so I always feel awkward when I want to wear my sandals or flats or something. 

I just miss having options. I also really want summer to come along. Is anyone else like me!!? You know when it’s summer and ur out there dying of heat and you start buying new cute fall clothes ur like WHERE ARE YOU WINTER…I’m ready for you! And when it’s winter it’s like wtf man when is it gonna be summer already hahaha I can’t be the only one!!!

Okay back to shoes. So ya I am really enjoying Barcelona… Although I love it here I don’t feel as if it’s such a “dress up” heels type of city. Everyone is so fuckin casual. And sadly I have converted to the dark side of sneakers and casual everyday also and I hate it!!! 

P.S I have fallen in love with the new MuiMui lace up shoes with the big platform  ugh love. Check the link and tell me you don’t agree!!! Mui Mui



And she’s back…

Omg I can not believe that I have let so much time pass before posting again.. like wtf. I would blame it on my busy life but that would be such a lie. Regardless.. I have decided that I am taking my blog to the highest of the high… levels that is, and I am going to put more effort into sharing my style not only on instagram but on my blog as well.. after all this is what started it all for me!!!

I can not believe Xmas has come and gone and it is almost 2016!!WHHHATT.. where the hell does time go.. seriously! I can’t believe I have been in Spain for almost 1 full year already.. sheeeeesh!!

So where do I even begin.. lol I will post all the outfits I have worn with detail below.. hopefully you guys will like it.


P.S I seriously missed this! #fack!

  • Dress: Chanel 15′
  • Shoes: Christian Louboutin


  • Purse: Dolce&Gabbana
  • Shoes: Christian Louboutin So Kate 120 Patent leather Nude


Okay… so I lied.. these are the only two pics I am going to share for today.. because tomorrow I want to share more and the day after and so on.. I can’t share it all in one sitting.. lol well I can but Im not.

Love you all



And shes back!!!!

Hey guys… yes its time for another blog.. well it was time a while ago but I have been a bit busy these days! Well where do I start, I have been traveling the last month which was nice and draining all in one. However, I loved it!!!

Where I went? I went to Paris, London and back to Paris. Currently in Spain… blah!!! I will forever love Paris.. its such a beautiful city. Everytime I go there I feel like I just belong. Everything is so nice and clean and the stores guys are on point. I will say though.. I went back to Paris after my London trip and I was so exhuasted and I was so ready to leave. Its nice the first couple times but after it gets old… doesnt everywhere!!!!

L O N D O N… I loved it there. From the buildings to the stores to the people, the atmosphere… I loved it all… and omg the FUCKING FOOD.. YASSS. So let me share why loved London so much. Well for one everyone speaks english, clearly. All the tv channels are in english, the theaters, the people, the signs… I loved that.. so refreshing to hear my language being spoken on the daily again. Secondly I loved how multicultural the place was. I mean the place was packed with Arabs, Indians, Russians, Asians, Persians, Brits… it was so diverse and reminded me a lot of Los Angeles. Third, I loved that London had persian food resturants in every corner… I know thats weird but when you persian living in Los Angeles all youre life.. these fuckin things are nice to come by in another country… trust me!!!!! And do I even dare mention the shopping… who knew London was home to the wealthy.. I knew it was a high class place but man.. the Arabs have taken over that place.. I saw nothing but ferraris, Lambos, Rolls Roys and rang rovers.. I mean it was crazy… but I fucking loved it. The fashion was on point.. all the woman are extremely fashion foward and on point. I totally fit in. waaaagh. I mean realistically I miss LA more than anything but London felt so much like home I loved it. They had costco, they had whole foods, and almost everything else LA has…

By far one of my favorite places Ive visited and I have been to quit a few places.

P.S I ruined one of my favorite pair of Louboutins while there and lost my luggage which contained $20,000 worth of merchandise in it at the airport in Spain.. but luckly many hours later it was found!!! phewwwwww…

~My F A S H I O N while in London and more…~


The shoes I damaged wagggghhhhh… the brick floors in London are not heel friendly… IMG_3303IMG_3310IMG_3461IMG_3339IMG_3460IMG_3485IMG_3530IMG_3531IMG_3621IMG_3612IMG_3639IMG_3645IMG_3651IMG_3753IMG_3749IMG_3778IMG_3793


Legs, Manolos and..

FERRAGAMO!!! UM music to you’re ears much??!! yeah I know. Soooooo I must share my Get the KIM K. look makeup tutorial I posted. The lighting isn’t that amazing but it doesn’t suck either…. if you haven’t watched it uhhhhh GO.. LIKE NOW!! well after you finish reading my blog post haha.


Aside from this fantabulous video… Tonight I wore a pair of my favorite heels.. my favorite only because the heel is lower than most my heels and because you can actually walk a few blocks without hating you’re fucking life!!! Oh and because they are black and my husband totally surprised me with them in the cutest way (even though they were the wrong pair.. thought that counts lol).


P.S My diet.. yes I am sharing my thoughts because I feel like if I feel like others know I am on this mission it will motivate me more.. lol you might have to reread that line to know it wasn’t written wrong.. lol my grammar aint that bad!!! sheet. lol so anyway.. I was doing soooooo fudging good and got back to my normal weight 107ish (the ish is the hardest part to get rid of). So nowwwwww I am back at 111ish.. ugh shoot me I was doing so good.. but being a wife.. I cook for my husband a lot and when I do I eat with him.. which isssss sooooo bad…. waghh… so tomorrow I am on my mission again. I have one month to get down.. like real down before my sister comes and visits because I want a good 10 pounds room for just eating everything and anything. Oh and exciting news.. I ordered a waist sintcher and will be wearing that shit all day everyday and will def let you guys know if all this media attention is really true or its all bullllllshit!!!


Look of the…

NIGHT!!!   So I went out for the first time AT NIGHT, IN BARCELONA, by the beach. It wasn’t exactly my scene typically cuz I don’t like the young crowd of the “fucked up” drugged up party kids!!! Not my shiiitt!!. But I was with good company so its all good. I wore something super simple (all black lol) and called it a night.

P.S did I mention I am so fucking obsessed with my new YSL booties. SSSSoOOOOo cute!!!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Zara wrap around top, Rag and Bone black skinnies (ultra skinny), Louboutin heels which are not visible!!! 

I gotta learn how to take better outfit pics!!!!!!


And of course I had to add a better close up picture of my new favorite booties……

IMG_8743I am going to do a Smokey eye makeup look soon and snap a few pics and post it with full details on the blog soon!!!


Shopping day…

NUMBER 2!!!!!!!!! I know its a problem. Anyways, I typically don’t like YSL and I don’t a single thing from them (which is extremely odd) but I just don’t like it. Their heels… omg I HATE with a passion. (sorry to those that love this brand). Only thing I like of theirs is their sunglasses and C L O T H E S. Their clothes…. simply amazing. So casual but classy and fits so nicely!!!

So today I went out of my comfort zone and walked in there and found the sexiest boots I own (now) and had to buy them. Its a peep toe alligator skin lace up heel booty. . . Omg I have to take a close up of these for you guys and post them.. they are EVERYTHING!!!

TODAYS OUTFIT DETAILS: LACOSTE SHIRT, BDG SHORTS, SEXY YSL BOOTIES. (i was trying them on here and fell in love…instantly) 


Christian Louboutin….

HEAVEN!!! I like most girls have an obsession with the red bottom shoe. Even though they are extremely un fucking comfortable I yet continue to buy them… have I given in to society? lol, probably!!! No but really they are extremely sexy on the foot and just make my little 5’4 ass legs look so much longer.. ahhhh like you know a Victoria Secret Angel.. or just an Angel I’m happy with both. Lucky for me.. yay I own a lot of shoes and majority are Loubs!!


How editorial do these photos I took look though??

P.S The face mask I have been using morning and night that i made at home (as mentioned in previous post) is actually working really well. My dark spots have brightened up a bit and looks like its really working. Its my second day into using it twice a day and by the end of the week I will report back if it truly did its job, if so you guys who have dark spots should totally true it, considering you probably already have the necessary ingredients in your fridge!!!