Makeup: BAKING tips

Hey guys… Okay so let me tell you. If you are trying to keep your makeup on all freaking day then you are about to read the right blog. If you are going to do an event or going on date night, clubbing, bday party or just want to impress people with ur flawless face then you need to bake and buff!!! People think just baking and leaving the lose powder sitting on ur face it will do the trick. NOOO ur wrong. Here’s what you NEED to be doing… Once you have applied ur foundation, concealer and pressed powder… Take ur translucent powder and apply it under ur eyes and around ur mouth and contour. Right away dust it off. It doesn’t need to sit there for ever idk why girls do that. Dust it off and apply ur highlighter and blush. Once you have done that… This is the trick that really makes shit amazing. Take a buffing brush and your pressed powder and buff it into ur skin with circular motions, get that pressed powder really into your skin. Yes guys… This step is over the highlighter and blush but believe me your face will look FLAWLESS and PORELESS needless to say it will look amazing in photos. 

P.S for girls that are my skin color.. Do NOT use a white or yellow powder to set the under eye. You want to use a pinkish powder to set the under eye because it eliminates all the black and really stands out more!!! 



Makeup Details [making your nose slim] ­čś│┬á

Hey guys, everyone knows that contouring makes the biggest difference when it come to makeup! But do we really have to heavily highlight and contour to achieve a slimmer nose and more defined cheek bones!!??! I THINK NOT… Haha. Okay guys… I have been so fuckin lazy lately. When I do full glam it’s like WoW I have accomplished something today lol.. 

So yesterday I put some music on (Havana nights soundtrack YAS!) and started my makeup. I loved the turn out. I legit blew up my snapchat yesterday., because when makeup is on FLEEK it’s got to be known and shown. LoL. 

Okay my trick to a lifted slim nose. What I do is take an eyeshadow brush and my bronzer (Benefit Hoola) and make two very VERY light narrow lines going down the sides of my nose. Then I make a light line across to give it that bubble look as well and do bronze under by my nostrils. Once I have done this I then use my MAC NC5 powder to draw a line in the middle and on the tip. Once you do all this just lightly with your powder brush slightly blend it all in for the most natural look!!!!!! If this doesn’t make sense let me know and I will do a blog post with step by step pictures to show how it’s done…. Yeah I am that nice!! What can I say. Hahaha… Jk! 

Oh and don’t forget to use a nice golden (white undertone) highlighter with the same shadow brush pick some up and apply it ONLY on the tip of the nose and from between the brows straight down. but make sure you don’t connect that line with the tip of ur nose. Gives a much nicer illusion. 



MaKe Up Details! ­čĺä

Makeup makeup makeup. I have not done a full glam look for a while now and today was the day. I was nice to bake and cake my face. Typically, because I walk a lot here I try and do super light makeup when I go out because I sweat and don’t like a pound of makeup on when that happens lol!!! 

Today since the weather isn’t hot or humid I figured lets do this shit! 

Breakdown: (as applied)

  • L’oreal True Match W3 (which is a shade to dark for me ­čśó)
  • Maybelline Fit me Concealer 15
  • Santee setting powder 01 nude
  • Mac under eye powder Hot Sensation 
  • Benefit Hoola contour 
  • Sephora fonc├ę deep 55 bronzer (which I just dropped and broke in a million pieces ­čśĄ­čśź)
  • Mac Soft and gentle highlighter 
  • Nars Albatross highlighter for the high part of my cheek bones and tip of my nose only 
  • Mac Rapid black eye liner 
  • Benefit roller lash mascara 
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz Dark Brown 
  • Lips subculture 

There you have it guys. These are drug store products mixed with a bit pricy’er products. But they mesh so well together and sits so flawlessly without breaking throughout the day. 




Let me ask you guys… Do you ever get so bored that you’re like “hmmm I’m about to take a shower so let me go all out and do my makeup just to make sure I still look bomb AF”… its not just me right!!???!?!? lol (I know I don’t stand alone)

I ┬áfigured I typically never wear this much makeup anymore and if I do its for a nice night out, date night or some event or some shit.. aside from that I barely even apply foundation these days.. its concealer, set it, mascara and I am out the door! Therefore, today I was like Im gonna go wash my face right after anyway so let me just make sure I still got this whole makeup thing in the bag… not that I doubted myself but for some reason us girls always need to be reassured of our amazing qualities and talents hahaha!!! (ya, I know I don’t stand alone on that one either) lol. Anwayway.. I honestly loved the outcome. I actually missed spending 40 minutes doing my makeup.. even though I hate washing it all off.. but like most things its a love hate relationship so #thuglife.

Get ready for the list because its fucking long


[FACE]┬áL’oreal Paris True Match shade W4, Nars Radian Creamy Concealer shade Medium Custard & Vanilla mixed, Mac Matchmaster concealer shade 7.5 to contour, Kat Von D palette to set my face: under eyes Lyric and┬ácontour Shadowplan, Mac powder for under eyes shade Hot Sensation [this is the best shit I have ever used], Bobbi Brown┬áhighlight shade Pink Glow [this is brand new and amazing]

[EYES] Urban Decay Naked Palette3: 1. Base shade Mugshot 2. Crease shade Blackheart, Mac eyeliner color Black Brilliance, Delipus liquid liner shade Black, Mac eye shadow shade Folie [used this under my eyes to darken the look..this shadow is perfect for that], Kleancolor lashes #16, Anastasia Beverlyhills Brow Pencil shade dark brown [LOVE]




Worlds BEST Foundation!

Yeah you read that tittle correctly. If you follow me on instagram you will quickly notice my love for makeup is REAL. I kid you not.. I have spent hundreds of dollars on makeup testing everything out. If I see something on instagram and love it I must go buy it and try it. I have gone through soooooooooo many fuckin brands and foundations and needless to say I ALWAYS end up with my true love.

Foundation: L’OREAL TRUE MATCH┬á

Okay guys. I just gave away my flawless face secret tip. This foundation is probably the only foundation that sits on my face the entireeeeeee day without smudging, flaking, creasing or any of that stuff. It also doesn’t transfer very easily which is a plus. Aside from all those pros.. this foundation legitimately makes my skin look airbrushed. I almost never have to smooth out my selfies and in real life it does not look caky what so ever. I mean I praise this foundation in my youtube videos, on my instagram and I believe I have even mentioned it on here before. I know some people may think just because its not a fancy shmancy brand it must not be as good. That is so fucking wrong. I thought like that also. I thought if my foundation isn’t brand name and doesn’t cost over $45 it is not worthy. LOL. Actually I really never thought like that but I know some of you out there have and do.

This foundation is a game changer and it is a drug store brand which is amazing. I have every shade in this for different seasons of course and I am currently using SHADE W4. It’s still a bit dark but if I go any lighter I will look like a ghost so I apply W4 with a lighter shade setting powder to match my skin perfectly. Seriously guys give this a go and use the whole bottle before you judge… even though you won’t need to go through that much to realize I am the best thing that happened in you’re life for mentioning this.. hahah love you guys!!!! P.S This foundation is Medium/Full Coverage & very buildable

Below Pic is from yesterday. I was sitting in sunlight and have NOT smoothed my skin. This is just the lighting and THE FOUNDATION!!!

L’oreal True Match, This link will take you to the exact foundation I am talking about just incase you want an image of it!




One of those days…

Have you ever woke up tired and lazy but you manage to turn on some music and apply a full face of makeup and get dressed and just not go anywhere? I can’t be the only one right! Yah one of those days where you make a big ass cup of black coffee with an entire block of dark chocolate and just chill. I was going to go out but.. walking my dogs earlier I nearly froze so I just decided I wasn’t going to do shit! Although however I am going to hit the gym up tonight… once my coffee digests a bit lol!!! So yeah, just laying with a full face of makeup and waiting till I find the energy to leave for the gym….. what a challenge! lol (don’t judge)


At least my makeup is on point.. I actually took my time doing it today. For some reason when I have music playing I get into the application of applying makeup so much more.. who else is like that?!

I have been trying to get back down a few pounds that I have gained since I left Los Angeles but its been so hard for me for some fucking odd reason but this year I am determined… like for real! Hence the fact that I am going to the gym. To be very honest I fucking hate the gym. I love out door activities soooo much more.. like bike riding, hiking, swimming.. etc.. the gym is so boring and nothing but guys checking you out…. lol the struggle! ┬áNevertheless it is necessary to do whatchu gotta do. Hoping tomorrow is a more exciting day….



CASUAL Attire to…

run errands. I typically live in work out clothes.. I always try to go for a different alternative but common, who doesn’t love a good pair of black Nikes or leggings and some comfortable sneakers paired with an over sized shirt. This is the girls “heaven”. Even for those who are super high fashion… we all dress down from time to time and enjoy wearing something that is just super comfy and easy without having to stand intron of you’re closet for 5 hours trying to figure out whats cute!!

My go-to outfit for running errands or even sometimes shopping or whatever the case may be, whenever I want to be quick and comfortable and manage to look like I still cared… I always turn to my beloved Nike gear. I also either wear Nike or Lululemon… NOTHING ELSE!!! The reason for that is because both these brands have such high quality and there is absolutely nothing I hate more then a pair of Leggings that are shit quality.. plus my lululemons and majority of the Nike leggings I get are all high waisted and suck everything in…. AMAZING RIGHT… I KNOW!! So today I managed to post on my Instagram and Make a makeup tutorial AND go out.. Talented.. yes yes!!

Nike… The new lazy go to outfit for the fashion girl





Kylie Jenner

BRONZED GLAM LOOK!!! Today I felt so inspired to do a Kylie inspired makeup tutorial (which is currently uploading on my channel: sonya sedaghatmehr). I really love her makeup looks on certain days. I love how she has those lashes extending on the outside of her lashes and to be honest for the past week ever since I tested that look out for myself I have been obsessed with placing my long full lashes at the ends of my lash line and using mascara to add my own lashes into the mix!!! The products used for this long are said on my tutorial hope you guys likeeeeeee!!!


IMG_0993 IMG_0969
IMG_0970 IMG_0968

Makeup Tutorial!!!

on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL!! (Sonya Sedaghatmehr). I just posted a video of my face┬ároutine mixing high end products with drug store products. I find that a lot of products these days are overly hyped up and never meet up to their expectations.. when really you can find something at the drug store for 80 percent less and works way better and is way more pigmented in color! YAS!! watch to see what I use and how I combine the two and┬ádon’t forget to subscribe to watch my skin care┬ároutine tomorrow!



IMG_0366 IMG_0364


Legs, Manolos and..

FERRAGAMO!!!┬áUM music to you’re ears much??!! yeah I know. Soooooo I must share my Get the KIM K. look makeup tutorial I posted. The lighting isn’t that amazing but it doesn’t suck either…. if you haven’t watched it uhhhhh GO.. LIKE NOW!! well after you finish reading my blog post haha.

Aside from this fantabulous video… Tonight I wore a pair of my favorite heels.. my favorite only because the heel is lower than most my heels and because you can actually walk a few blocks without hating you’re fucking life!!! Oh and because they are black and my husband totally surprised me with them in the cutest way (even though they were the wrong pair.. thought that counts lol).


P.S My diet.. yes I am sharing my thoughts because I feel like if I feel like others know I am on this mission it will motivate me more.. lol you might have to reread that line to know it wasn’t written wrong.. lol my grammar aint that bad!!! sheet. lol so anyway.. I was doing soooooo fudging good and got back to my normal weight 107ish (the ish is the hardest part to get rid of). So nowwwwww I am back at 111ish.. ugh shoot me I was doing so good.. but being a wife.. I cook for my husband a lot and when I do I eat with him.. which isssss sooooo bad…. waghh… so tomorrow I am on my mission again. I have one month to get down.. like real down before my sister comes and visits because I want a good 10 pounds room for just eating everything and anything. Oh and exciting news.. I ordered a waist sintcher and will be wearing that shit all day everyday and will def let you guys know if all this media attention is really true or its all bullllllshit!!!