Shoe closet [when it’s no longer there] πŸ˜³πŸ™ˆπŸ‘ 

Hey guys… Okay my shoes… All my beautiful shoes are gone and it’s really starting to sink in. When I say gone I mean being shipped to Los Angeles. I sooooooooooo miss them. I know they are just material items but OMG I am getting so fucking tired of wearing sneakers. Here in Barcelona people (the locals) don’t start showing their toes till early July lol, ya it’s weird AF so I always feel awkward when I want to wear my sandals or flats or something. 

I just miss having options. I also really want summer to come along. Is anyone else like me!!? You know when it’s summer and ur out there dying of heat and you start buying new cute fall clothes ur like WHERE ARE YOU WINTER…I’m ready for you! And when it’s winter it’s like wtf man when is it gonna be summer already hahaha I can’t be the only one!!!

Okay back to shoes. So ya I am really enjoying Barcelona… Although I love it here I don’t feel as if it’s such a “dress up” heels type of city. Everyone is so fuckin casual. And sadly I have converted to the dark side of sneakers and casual everyday also and I hate it!!! 

P.S I have fallen in love with the new MuiMui lace up shoes with the big platform  ugh love. Check the link and tell me you don’t agree!!! Mui Mui