Long Lashes.. My secrets

Hey guys… I have been very sharing this week haha sharing all my tips and tricks and secrets. Well I really wanted to share how I achieve such long healthy lashes. Fortunately I was born with nice thick lashes but they haven’t always been as long as I’d like. They go through these weird fucking stages where it’s like damnnnn lashes on FLEEK….to damn wtf happened…. Haha yea well if you are having these issues then don’t worry because I will share the easiest tip for you to help grow them and keep them healthy. 

Just like your hair the follicles of your lashes produce essential oils to promote hair growth. But if you are anything like me and can’t live without a day of mascara well then you are really damaging the core of your lashes. What I do? Well I learned this from my mom who learned it from her mom. Basically go to a store that carries authentic natural oils and pick up natural Argon oil OR Caster oil. Yup! That’s it! What you do!? So every night before you go into bed after you’ve washed your face, take a Q-tip and dab it into the oil (very little. It goes a log way) and just press it into the lash follicles. Do this every single night for two weeks and you will see such a drastic difference guys. Seriously. Imagine making a habit out of it and doing it for months. WOWZA. This is so much better than fake glued lashes and all that garbage. Be patient and just watch what can happen. 

Also: this remedy world just as well applied on your eyebrows if you are missing hair. It takes longer but it happens.