7 Day Water Fast!!! WTF? YASSSS! 

Hello hello hello. Yup so you read that tittle right. Okay guys real shit going on. As you know I have always mentioned weight loss and cleansing and stuff. So I have legit been doing everything as far as eat healthy and walk for hours every single day “briskly”. For some amazing reason I will not move down on the scale. My weight is at a complete stand still which is FUCKING ANNOYING. In Los Angeles I was so active and social and constantly on the move, singing in my car, hanging with friends, go out with my husband… And yes I am literally missing all that but now I am in Spain and it’s been quit the adjustment. I’m not saying I am fat… I am far from it but at the same time everyone should be where they feel their best and feel they look Their best. I had been (in LA) for years and years about 107lbs. And now I am stuck at 115lbs. It’s not a lot but for me ITS FUCKING HUGGGGGGGGGEEE (Donald trump voice). Haha. After a lot of research I am going to do a complete water fast for 7 days which cleanses all your internal organs and flushes your small and large intestine and cleans out the lungs, kidney and liver. I am however going to drink my two cups of black coffee in the morning. But I have heard amazing cleanse reviews and I will blog my results, feelings and outcome on day 7 for you guys. 

Wish me luck guys. And if you think you can manage give it a go!!! 



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