Trip to Mallorca and Ibiza.. fashion, beauty and tips

Hey guys. This past week has been a bit all over the place. I started my journey in Morocco (which I spoke about in my last blog) came back to Barcelona and 2 days later packed and went to Palma De Mallorca for 2 days, packed and went to Ibiza for a day, took a fairy ride to Formentero Ishland for a day.Yeah I am HAPPY to be home for a day before leaving again tomorrow. lol

Palma De Mallorca

This place was beautiful. Although Palma De Mallora is in Spain, it is so different compared to Barcelona. This place is serially beauty. It is much smaller and it isn’t as crowded as Barcelona which was nice. It was super clean and the people where extremely friendly and kind. While we were there we tried to see as much as we possibly could. The first day we went to Old Town which was very medieval times and rusted. It felt like I was walking through a Italian town from 1000 years ago. Because I love shit like that I thought it was amazing. However, I will say though the lack of taxis in Mallorca is limited. We ended up getting stuck in that town for a few hours longer due to non existent taxis. The second day we went by the beach and to see the Dracula Caves. OMG this shit was beautiful. They do a boat show towards the end its definitely a must do if you are there… I personally thought it would be the ideal setting to propose to your significant other!!!! Moving on; fashion here was not happening. Everyone was old and it was pretty empty. There were A LOT  of germans there.. sometimes it felt like we stepped into Germany and not Spain. Buuuut I love my Germans so its all good. My attire on this trip was comfortable and causal. We did a lot of walking and it was cold so I honestly didn’t care tooooooo much… but still I kept it cute!!!


Airport Outfit. 

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Sites. Cathedrals. Dracula Cave. Beach. 



The entrance to OLD TOWN 


Lets just say this place is superrrrrrrr fucking over rated. The image I had set in my mind for this place was soo different from what it actually was. Okay.. Ibiza is for the 18-25 year old person looking to come get fucked up, party their asses off, go see all the house music djs play and rave. If you aren’t coming here with these intentions you probably won’t enjoy  “IBIZA” they way you think you may. Thats all I have to say about this place.. the beaches were beautiful and blue and I can see why youngsters go there but I would never return and if I did it would strictly be to take the Fairy ride to another Island. 




AAAAHHHHHHH YES. This place was heaven. I feel like the younger stay in Ibiza the elders stay at Formentera. You guys this place is fucking breath taking. I have been to some beautiful places around the world but this has to be on my top 5 places to be for summer. The water is crystal blue and it remains under 2ft for about a mile in. It is such a nature filled place and it was peaceful. My husband and I rented a small convertible there and just took a few hours to go around the entire island… it was probably my best and most favorite part of our trip. You can just tell the difference once you are there compared to Ibiza. The beach front hotels are very nice and elegant with an older crowd and families… just beautiful. If I was to every go back to Ibiza it would be to stay here. HEAVEN!


Tomorrow we are leaving for Monte-Carlo France to visit it there and then we will be back home for a while before leaving Spain which is existing as well. …. The staying home part lol.

Hope you guys are having an amazing day. Also EID MOBARAK (happy new year) to all my Persians out there!!!!




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