Worlds BEST Foundation!

Yeah you read that tittle correctly. If you follow me on instagram you will quickly notice my love for makeup is REAL. I kid you not.. I have spent hundreds of dollars on makeup testing everything out. If I see something on instagram and love it I must go buy it and try it. I have gone through soooooooooo many fuckin brands and foundations and needless to say I ALWAYS end up with my true love.


Okay guys. I just gave away my flawless face secret tip. This foundation is probably the only foundation that sits on my face the entireeeeeee day without smudging, flaking, creasing or any of that stuff. It also doesn’t transfer very easily which is a plus. Aside from all those pros.. this foundation legitimately makes my skin look airbrushed. I almost never have to smooth out my selfies and in real life it does not look caky what so ever. I mean I praise this foundation in my youtube videos, on my instagram and I believe I have even mentioned it on here before. I know some people may think just because its not a fancy shmancy brand it must not be as good. That is so fucking wrong. I thought like that also. I thought if my foundation isn’t brand name and doesn’t cost over $45 it is not worthy. LOL. Actually I really never thought like that but I know some of you out there have and do.

This foundation is a game changer and it is a drug store brand which is amazing. I have every shade in this for different seasons of course and I am currently using SHADE W4. It’s still a bit dark but if I go any lighter I will look like a ghost so I apply W4 with a lighter shade setting powder to match my skin perfectly. Seriously guys give this a go and use the whole bottle before you judge… even though you won’t need to go through that much to realize I am the best thing that happened in you’re life for mentioning this.. hahah love you guys!!!! P.S This foundation is Medium/Full Coverage & very buildable

Below Pic is from yesterday. I was sitting in sunlight and have NOT smoothed my skin. This is just the lighting and THE FOUNDATION!!!

L’oreal True Match, This link will take you to the exact foundation I am talking about just incase you want an image of it!