White Leather & Blues

Today I decided to pull out my white leather jacket. I got it a couple years ago and I can say Ive only worn it once.. well twice now! lol. To keep it real, I fucking hate leather jackets.. its one of those things where people either L O V E them or H A T E them and of course the rest of those people who are just “ohhhh I can careless” haha. I don’t like it because I just simply don’t think I can pull it off. Its just not me or my style. I feel like it makes my outfits look so classless.. omg I know that sounds fucking bad but this isn’t a blog to make others feel good its about fashion… about my fashion.. right!! I do however own a few leather Jackets and like this one they are collecting dust. I will probably just gift them to my sister when I see her lol! I will say though, sometimes when I wear them I actually think the outfit looks good and put together.. then I go out and walk into a store and see myself in the mirror and I am like damn this is all bad.. haha I just feel like the leather jacket is soooooo played out.. like is there anyone out there not doing the whole “leather jacket” look!!!! okay.. this wasn’t supposed to be about a fucking leather jacket haha.. my outfit today.. very casual, fun and simple. The shoes are the prized winner in this outfit. I got these immediately after I watched last years Victoria Secret show and all the models were wearing these Jimmy Choo heels.. I of course had to get them and they are just as beautiful in person and on my feet as they were on the models.

Outfit Details: Forever21 Shirt (got this a while ago) & Necklaces, Jennifer Lopez Leather Jacket (yea she makes some cute ass clothes), Diesel  Jeans, Celine Purse (one of my favorites) & Sunglasses, Jimmy Choo Shoes





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