Street Style

Hey babes, today the weather in Barcelona is HEAVEN. If you are in Spain you already know whats up and if you’ve been to Spain you know whats up also… yah us Americans thought only California has amazing winter weather…wrong!!! Today my husband and I had to make a quick morning stop to the Swedish Embassy (yes I am Persian Swedish) to get him his residency which is much harder then I had anticipated… regardless.. any excuse to leave the house and look cute right!? Right! Ew I am so annoying right now.. asking and answering all at the same time haha!!

So my look today was super simple. For those who follow me on instagram and my blog (social media) know that I have a room full of heels and clothes, but what it really comes down to I am as basic as it comes. I love nothing more then a plain shirt with a cardigan and some comfortable high waisted jeans with FLATS! This ladies and gents is my everyday all day kind of outfit. I think it looks effortless and super chic.. and god knows I love both those… and did I mention how comfortable I am… always lol!

Outfit Details: Nordstrom Rack Green Shirt (which I have in every color and you see me wear very often.. I live in these during winter), Zara Cardigan, Gina Tricot Jeans (got these while in Sweden and they are one of my favorite jeans), Chanel Shoes, Hermes Purse