PoP’ed my Hermes Cherry!

Yup… I have officially popped my Hermes cherry. My husband by some miracle was able to surprise me and pull something off without my snoopy ass finding out. lol and when I say snoopy I mean FBI status, like nothing goes unnoticed when I am around haha! So on our last trip to Paris while he was on “business” and I was strolling the streets alone..he went and custom ordered the Hermes bag that I have been wanting for ever now. He managed to do this without me finding out which was so cute. I always just wanted the simple black one but he took it a step further and got the inside custom made with Pink Leather… Because Im a black type of girl on the surface and a Pink girl within haha… the Pink is within youuuu! okay, I went out with my girlfriend for breakfast and when I got back home I had a pounding headache and just took a warm shower and laid in bed the rest of the day watching movies. After two movies and a few bottle waters later my lazy ass got up to use the bathroom and go into the kitchen to get a snack… AND THERE IT WAS… my husband standing over a beautiful 30mm Black Hermes bag…. I seriously thought I was dreaming. It even has the horseshoe on it because it was custom made. I don’t know if I was more excited about the bag or about the fact that my husband is the BEST fucking husband in the world!!!!!!!!!

I always wanted the 30mm because the 35mm is big and I have so many bags that are big and always thought that the 30mm was the perfect in-between size..and it is!!! YAAY!!!


P.S don’t mind my Pink house Robe. lol… #thuglife



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