Celine, Celine, Celine…

The tittle says it all. Today I woke up super early.. you know when its cold and you freeze sleeping in a short sleeve so the following night you sleep with a long sleeve and then you’re hot and irritated… like I can’t fucking win! Anways.. point is I couldn’t sleep so I got up and decided I am going to switch my purse for another purse today. I seriously stood in my purse collection and noticed that 95% of my purses are either a different tone of Grey or its Black and the other 5% are Louis Vuitton monogram. SO.. I thought this is a great excuse to go get in some cardio and hunt for the perfect accessory to transition into Spring/Summer! LET ME TELL YOU… I WAS VERY SUCCESSFUL.

I came across the most beautiful blue Celine bag.. and Ive noticed this season for Spring and Summer a lot of blue and denim is coming bag into style. I actually never been into the whole denim bag or shoes and I haven’t become into it thus far lol… but leather blue is mahhhh shitttt!!! This will match with almost everything in my closet that I wear the most during Spring and Summer and it is the perfect size. It was a great buy!!! My first blue bag.






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