Layers on Layers…

on layers. I am wearing three layers!!! YES… the third layer is not visible in the picture buttttttt its there lol. So for those of you who have never been to Barcelona it is currently warmer then it is in Los Angeles… whatttt??!?! mmhmm.. the weather here is unreal. Seriously it feels like heaven when you step outside. Today I wore this outfit and burned throughout the day.. had to slowly taking some of these damn layers off lol. For winter it is surprisingly warm and I fuckin love it. Reminds me of back home but better.

Today I ran some errands and walked around just cuz I didn’t feel like going to the gym and when I don’t go to the gym I make sure I at least get a couple hours of walking done. Even though… I ate three donut pops and a starbucks chocolate chip cookie.. haha #thuglife!!! um what was I saying.. oh yea.. so back to my outfit. I recently love wearing sneakers with my outfits… I know its currently in style and I am actually kinda digging it. Nice change from wearing heels and I must say.. my feet have never been happier lol

P.S Zara is having its biggest sale of the year here in Spain… I came up on so many great summer clothes. So what I do is buy summer clothes that are either in the color neutral, black or white. That way no matter what the STYLE change is those pieces will always be okay to wear!!!! Go check the sale out ladies.. and gentleman.


Top underneath and Sweater on top & Pants from: Zara // Sneakers: Nike // Purse: Givenchy


Okay… um how cute are these freakin baby Stuart Weitzman Shoes.. they had so many other styles.. I saw them and melted!!! If you have babies or want to gift someone with babies go check their baby shoes out.. so cute //

Stuart Weitzman // They also have a really good sale going on for woman just in case you were wondering lol!!!




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