Fashion at all times…

is a must. I know when you think “gym” you don’t think fashion, but realistically every single time you leave you’re house its a fashion statements that you are making.. right! Let me give you an example: Today at the gym some lady walking in, very overweight (not that there is anything wrong with that) but what was wrong was the outfit she was wearing. She was wearing nothing but a sports bra that was extremely small on her and low cut work out leggings/pants. This to me is soooo un attractive. Aside from the fact that she was pushing 40ish, it is so unattractive to carry you’re self in such a way. I mean maybe I am just looking to into this, but even if she was the most fit person at the gym I personally think its so ugly when a woman walks around in a sports bra and thinks just because they are at the gym its OKAY!!! Its NOOOOTT LOL.

I mean there’s a reason all these sports companies make tops right? That means its meant to be worn over the damn sports bra. Anyway back to the point… I was looking at this woman today while I was working out and thought… Wow fashion is such a big part of a person and how they are viewed and how they represent themselves. Its always there. Its always with us. We really share a lot about ourselves by the way we dress even as simple as our gym attire!!!! Sooooo yea I just wanted to share my thought of the day haha… aside from all that I went to the gym today and am really trying to make this a habit…. trying <— key word! lol

  • Top: Victoria Secret Sportswear
  • Bottoms: Lululemon leggings
  • Shoes: Nike Running