Acne be gone…

video!!!! Say whaaaaaaat. lol I swear I am just to much sometimes. Okay I have to start of my saying that my youtube videos are not as full of personality as Id like them to be.. you’re so limited on the time you tape or it won’t let you post or it takes FOREVER so I have to rush through it lol but you know what fuck it lol Imma take my time today when I do my everyday simple highlight and contour video!! And I am a little too excited since I finally got my lights installed yay… ANDDDD my room chandelier got installed yesterday also.. H E A V E N closet!!!

Check out my video and let me know if there is something specific you guys want me to record and share with you guys.. or a question answer if you’d like… cuz you know I have ALLL the time in the world on my hands currently and have time to sit and talk to you guys which whom are my ONLY friends lol… legit you guys (my followers) are my only friends since Ive moved… lol so don’t be shy to ask question I love that shit….

A little about my video. Its called how to get rid of acne and pores and get flawless skin.. well as flawless as you can. To start, this takes time. Its not magic, sadly…no POOF’S be gone here.. but really I used to struggle not with acne but with 4 to 5 pimples a few years ago. Because my face is SOOOO white when I break out no matter how small the breakout is the entire surrounding area plus the breakout turn super pinkish red. And when you have clear skin and have 4 red big circles on you’re face it draws soooo much more attention to you’re face. On the other hand.. they would come and go rapidly which was nice so no I am not complaining and my heart goes out to those struggling with acne. I honestly can’t get enough of talking about my simple skin regimen. Its so practical and affordable and it had worked miracles for my skin. I know I slightly touched out on this on my blog.. and if you follow me on my blog, youtube and instagram you know that there are three products I seriously need in my daily life ALWAYS… 1. Dial soap 2. Neutorgena sunscreen 110 and 3. Loreal true match foundation

P.S my video light sucks balls.. <— um ew… and today I will make probably one of my better videos so if you like highlight and contour and wonder how I get my face looking the way I do (so lifted) check that out later also!!!