is finalllllly complete!!!! Well with the exception of my chandelier being hung sometime this week… its pretty finished. Took me a lot of hard work I must say. lol no really its tough labor. Anyway… I finally completed.. I envisioned it and make it come to life. I can legit be in here all day and not be bothered. My shoe closet however is far from completed. Now my focus is going to be completely directed to that area of my closet… yes life is difficult.. what can I say, I am a PRINCESS! I must give my husband a shoutout though for letting me take over so many rooms just for my shit lol… even though he has created himself a man cave in another room… just in case you were wondering our home has 6 rooms!!! Our bedroom, his office/man cave, my walking closet, my shoe closet, room turned into TV room, and the guest bedroom!!

Ohhhhh and other exciting news, well what I thought was exciting news.. I got amazing LED lights like the pros use around their mirror right??!! but I got mine for around my computer.. so I open them and realize I can’t use that shit because it fuckin needs some special electric wires which my wall does not have, which means I would have to have an electrician come install.. LIKE WTF… who sells shit like that.. and who doesn’t pay attention when buying shit like that lol.. I did get a small LED desk lamp which isn’t sufficient enough for makeup tutorials BUT.. the cool person that I am imma make one anyways and see how it turns out… whatever it is it’ll be better than anything I have preciously made with NO light. lol





So the closet is a little bigger but I couldn’t fit it all in a pic but you guys get the idea!!!!!!!

Happy girl


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