Makeup day…

NUMBER TWO…!!! Today I did pretty much the exact same technique I did yesterday with my makeup.. the only difference is that my liquid liner is shaped more like a Pin Up girl than the usual cat eye I always do. Um yes.. I try to be outside my box looking in sometimes hahaha..

H U G E makeup tip right here.. Loreal foundation.. ahhhhhhhmazing. I am really trying not to hype it up more than I should but this shit is unreal. The flawless application that it gives my face is CRAYY please go buy one and  try it out. I have like 7 of them sitting in my makeup drawer. My current shade is W4. It is pretty wet so make sure you use a good setting powder. Butttt once the setting powder has been set… that foundation isn’t going ANYWHERE… its on you’re face the rest of the day.. even in this fucking heat.. yes I have heat and sweat tested this shit out for you guys. Its worth the try and its no more than $14 bucks (which I think I am high balling). Another tip, with this foundation use the MAC contour kit to conceal.. ugh have you guys seen my pictures lately.. I swear this pic is legit no filter and just the sunlight through my open window… like its that good!!!!!! 


AMAZING FOUNDATION RIGHT???!!! P.S YES THAT IS TOOTHPASTE ON MY SLEEPING SHIRT.. don’t even act like you’re sleeping clothes don’t have toothpaste spots on them.. lol (until you wash them of course)


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