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Trickssss…. “so” lately I have been doing my makeup and trying to really become GOOD GOOD at it. I really enjoy being able to make my self look so fresh and alive with just a simple application of makeup. If you keep up with my instagram and blog posts you will notice I don’t every hear super heavy makeup or dark eye shadows. The reason I don’t wear such dark eyeshadow is 1: because I have dark features and big eyes, so when I do a smoky eye with inside liner I look like I am attending a wedding or about to go disco disco lol and I just don’t like the “damn, this bitch trying to hard” look during the day. 2: I the black liner inside my eye makes my eye appear much smaller in size and quite frankly I like my eyes big and bright, not small and dark. (makeup tip for small eyed girls… don’t wear heavy eye makeup or dark makeup.. wear a thin layer of black mascara and maybe some shimmer behind the lid and by the tear duct and avoid dark liners). Anywho my makeup look yesterday was simple and easy to achieve..

Products used: Loreal true match w4 foundation, Mac contour kit concealer, Neutrogena skin clearing mineral powder 2, Benefit hoola contour, Sephora fonce deep 55, Mac flour power blush, Mac subculture lip liner, Physicians Formula eyeliner, Mac hot sensation highlighter, Mac soft and gentle glow. 

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  1. Hey you look stunning what’s your skin tone color or shade because I’m pretty sure I’m your same skin tone I’m warm and yellowish looking too but I could never match my skin tone


    1. Thank you doll. Well when I am really white I use Loreal true match W3 and when I’m more tanned I use W4. These foundations have a really nice beige warm undertone perfect for olive skin. ❤️


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