Style!!! I want to share so many things today lol buuuut I won’t and instead I will share them in pieces. One thing I have to share however… So I completely redid my shoe closet. I moved it to another empty room in my house and am getting a big built in walking closet installed this weekend with a beautiful chandelier hung right in the center… ahhhhhhhhh YES!! (these blogs need to add emjois right). If you are following me on instagram you will see my redone shoe closet which is still not complete either. Got a few more tricks up my sleeve for that room as well. I know I know, you’re probably thing damn the shit this bitch is worried about (or maybe you’re not thinking that at all lol) but fact of the matter is.. I AM BORED WITH MY LIFE… oh and may I also add… this week I also ordered some good LED lights for around my computer to start my youtube channel finally!!!! woop woop. I must say.. this week has over turned out to be a good week. I will share a pic of my new shoe closet on the bottom when I am done talking about my oH SO SUMMERY street style baby.. lol too much enthusiasm??? I THINK NOT. haha okay Im done.

So for summer I love skirts. The ones that are flowy, short and comfortable, especially in this damn heat. [Side note: I just realized I say “so” a lot to begin my sentences.. see where years of honors English and major and Law school leads you kids.. NO WHERE… HAHA jk stay in school]. SOOO.. I love to mix my color scheme and make colors work with one another yay. And this my fashionistas is what I put together..

p.s I AM WEARING suuuuppper mild make up  its like almost non existent.. just in case you were wondering if I was tired.. No, no I wasn’t tired I was just fucking hot lol (like temperature hot).

Outfit Details: #Zara top (bought last summer), #Marshalls skirt (thats right my booojy ass likes to bargain shop too), #celine bag. 



Up next.. My new shoe closet as promised!!!!!!


Still in progress… not yet completed and will still be moving this around to fit more shit…