Celine!!! I have been MIA, I know. I have had guests (and still do) and have been super busy and HOT AF in this weather. I can’t even sit for longer than 5 minutes without over heating. I swear the world is coming to an end, this heat is unusual.

Anyways… I have really been missing home lately… Home being Los Angeles. I miss it and my friends and my family.. waghhhhhhhh, but none the less my fashion is still always on FLEEK!!. I must admit tho for the past week I haven’t been wearing makeup and if I do it looks like I am “strobing” but in actuality I’m just fucking sweating hahaha…  all i do is add some highlighter and the heat outside does the strobing effect for me on its own. (side note: I hate that shit).

So typically here in Spain people don’t usually wear big purses. They use the cross body bags that are light and small.. probably because there is so much “pick pocketing” here meaning: professionals who jack you without you even realizing it. But since Im from LA all my bags are generally big.. cuz you know us LA girls like to care a luggage around as a bag so we haver enough room to through the 5 percent “stuff” in there and the 95 percent junk lol lol lol.. well at least my ass does.

Back to topic: my amazing summer Celine luggage bag lol (its really called luggage phantom bag). I fucking love this purse. I get compliments all day everyday on this bag and it makes every outfit look so much more summery and fun. Here are some outfits I wore using it this past week….

OUTFIT DETAILS: Zara from head to toe!!! Celine bag



OUTFIT DETAILS: Zara top, HM super skinny pants, Ferragamo Sandals, Celine bag