I will admit I have a real obsession with Valentino. I love everything about his collection every time he presents something new. Its young, fresh and chic. (his clothes are my favorite). So I ended up buying the cutest little bag from there a few days ago. I have soooo many bags that are small and big and are so fuckin heavy that after 10min IN THE HEAT i just wanna through it on the floor. This bag however is T H E lightest bag I have ever laid hands on. It doesn’t really fit a big wallet which is good for some occasions but I loved how light and classic it was. So I got it and got my sister one as well!!! #bestsisterALERT.

P.S the color is soo me and its all year round wear!!!

Let me add a selfie with details: In this pic I got a lot of questions about what products I used. I love to make my makeup look like its not there but it is.. lol does that make sense … like.. I just woke up like this type shit haha.. anyways.. so in this makeup look I used: Flower BB2 cream, Sephora Translucent powder, Benefit hoola bronzer, Mac soft and gentle, and L’oreal Mascara. 

When I want a really natural look.. I typically don’t touch my eyebrows. I leave them as is. By doing you’re brows it makes any look more drastic especially when you already have a lot of brow hairs. For me, my trick is to just not do them. By not penciling them in I leave them lighter and I prefer it like that sometimes… I also feel like i look younger. (however if you have non existent eyebrows please fill them in)