Shopping day…

NUMBER 2!!!!!!!!! I know its a problem. Anyways, I typically don’t like YSL and I don’t a single thing from them (which is extremely odd) but I just don’t like it. Their heels… omg I HATE with a passion. (sorry to those that love this brand). Only thing I like of theirs is their sunglasses and C L O T H E S. Their clothes…. simply amazing. So casual but classy and fits so nicely!!!

So today I went out of my comfort zone and walked in there and found the sexiest boots I own (now) and had to buy them. Its a peep toe alligator skin lace up heel booty. . . Omg I have to take a close up of these for you guys and post them.. they are EVERYTHING!!!

TODAYS OUTFIT DETAILS: LACOSTE SHIRT, BDG SHORTS, SEXY YSL BOOTIES. (i was trying them on here and fell in love…instantly)