ROUTINE….!!! Today I am starting my blog post off with my SKIN. So I usually get a lot of question about how I maintain my skin. To be very honest I am far from having anything close to perfect skin. If you see a girl with perfect skin and no pores its either because she is genetically fucking gifted (which is rare) OR because she gets a lot of laser facials and all that magic that money can buy for your face.. i guess thats a gifted person also hahaha! Anyway, when I was in LA, I won’t even lie… I used to get facials often also, but with facials what I noticed was that my skin texture would feel smooth and soft but it would make my under lying pores appear which I hated.. and yes thats the purpose of a facial for all that nasty shit to come to the surface and taken out,,, , but you see the problem with me is that I don’t let it heal on its own… I fucking sit in my bathroom for a cool minute and pick them.. and if I am lucky my nails are short that day so it won’t leave two nail imprints in my skin the next morning… HAHAHA okay that was way off topic!!! Long story short; I don’t like people touching my face… unless its a laser machine!

p.s. If you do some actual research on the products used during a facial you will see the scary chemicals that are being put on you’re skin. Its like the worst thing in the LONG RUN for you’re aging face.. though the media says otherwise!!! DO YOURE RESEARCH PEOPLE!!

Okay so… what I do and use! I am only going to talk about what I do and use today because it sometimes changes and if i go through all the shit I’ve done and used, you will soon find yourself reading my novel on skin care lol! So what I use today? Today I use antibacterial Dial Soap and Neutrogena 110 oil free sunblock.

Yes the products are simple and minimal… but guys like real shit.. DIAL SOAP is heaven sent. Do some research on it and you will be amazed at what people rave about and say it did for their acne. I never really suffered from acne but the few blemishes that I do have.. this takes care of that.

Yes I don’t use moisturizer. I used to religiously but I found that adding extra products and chemicals to my skin was the worst idea. I try to look at things in the long run basis. So I stopped using it and lone behold my skin looks better than ever. Also, the sunscreen I apply everyday is technically my moisturizer for the day!!!

My actual routine: Morning wash face with two drops of dial soap. Depending on the time I leave my house, follow with my Neutragena sunblock——Night time wash my face with dial soap and go to sleep lol!

I do use face masks at times BUT I typically try to make my own face mask which I find works better!!!

My favorite STORE bought face masks: Formula 10.0.06 Pores Be Pure skin-clarifying mud mask. (this shit is amazing guys.. it really works). Sarah McNamara Miracle skin transformer miracle revival mud mask. (this shit is pretty amazing also and is only available on line. This woman makes the most amazing products and for years and 7 bottles later.. I used to use her dark spot removing matte face cream BOMB)

I use these products ^^^ once a month if I feel my skin is really needing that extra help OR if I’m just lazy to make my own.. blahhhhh

My favorite homemade masks: For my dark spots I use: 1 egg white, 2 spoon’s natural yogurt, table spoon honey, a little lemon juice and a dash of baking soda. This is my go too for dark spots and It works.. I make this and store it in the fridge and use it for a few days back to back before getting rid of it. For my pores and pimples I use: 1 tbs honey, 1tsp cinnamon, 1tbs nutmeg and lemon juice. This is heaven also!!!! 

So there you have it.. my skin care routine. Extremely simple and affordable.

P.P.S. Short story… How I discovered Dial soap. I always saw it in the stores but never occurred to me that it was this amazing. My sister got into a car accident and went to the hospital. While she was being helped by the doctor we sparked a discussion of skin and chemicals and all that good stuff. He turned to me and said.. toss all you’re products in the garbage and go buy yourself dial soap. He proceeded to tell me that all the products I buy won’t do what a pump of dial soap will do for me. The antibacterial in dial soap is very powerful and will kill all the bad bacteria in you’re skin. And from there my dial soap journey began.

DISCLAIMER: Dial soap may make you’re skin extremely dry so follow up with a moisturizer. Also, make sure you buy it in liquid form and not the soap bar; soap bar makes the kind extremely dry and may crack you’re skin. Lastly DO NOT use dial soap on you’re body unless you have blemishes in that area. The body produces good and bad bacteria and by using something so powerful on you’re body it will kill the good bacteria and counter act by making you break out on you’re body even more!!!!!

LoL can you guys tell I am a law student by my disclaimers lol!!!!