Makeup Tip for…

those extra high cheek bones!! People always ask me (the ones that are very comfortable with me) if I have had any work done on my face.. such as botox, filler, cheeks, lips lol and the list goes on! The things I do do I always admit to because I just never had a problem with “enhancing” something that can be enhanced OR improved. We aren’t all born with perfectly symmetrical faces ya know. So… I have never filled my cheek bones but that seems to be the first thing people ask me about which is funny considering its the only thing I haven’t done yet lol. The real secret is how you apply you’re makeup. Make up can give the most insane illusion of “high cheek” bones its ridic.

What I do!! After I have applied my concealer, foundation, setting powder (the usual routine) I first add my bronzer and blush THEN lastly I add my under eye cheek bone highlighter. Now, its not really a “highlighter” and its not any cheek bone specialty buttttt because thats what I use it for and it works so fucking great thats what I call it lol. PS its the only makeup I use on my face that when I leave my house at the very least 2 girls ask me what I am using.

I use the MAC hot sensation. If you read my blogs you know I usually use this and thats probably what helps with those high cheek bones in my selfies that I post. But guys this one powder is heaven. I have a lot of this type of shit but the difference between this and the rest is that this has a blush pink white tone to it so when you apply it, it blends in perfectly with whats on the face already and highlights and give you’re cheeks the illusion of a lifted cheek.

Just don’t over do it… lol.. but thats my secret to how I make my cheeks look the way they look. Oh and if you go to MAC looking for it, I hope they have it because it was a “limited” edition thing when I got it… so hopefully there is more. If not ask for something similar.

Here are some looks using my MAC hot sensation powder.

IMG_7664 IMG_7626 IMG_7605