Christian Louboutin….

HEAVEN!!! I like most girls have an obsession with the red bottom shoe. Even though they are extremely un fucking comfortable I yet continue to buy them… have I given in to society? lol, probably!!! No but really they are extremely sexy on the foot and just make my little 5’4 ass legs look so much longer.. ahhhh like you know a Victoria Secret Angel.. or just an Angel I’m happy with both. Lucky for me.. yay I own a lot of shoes and majority are Loubs!!


How editorial do these photos I took look though??

P.S The face mask I have been using morning and night that i made at home (as mentioned in previous post) is actually working really well. My dark spots have brightened up a bit and looks like its really working. Its my second day into using it twice a day and by the end of the week I will report back if it truly did its job, if so you guys who have dark spots should totally true it, considering you probably already have the necessary ingredients in your fridge!!!


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