Makeup 101: My beauty tipsss!!!!

MakeUp!! MakeUp!! MakeUp!! …. our favorite topic right.. well at least mine is.

The last couple of days I have been doing mini makeup tutorials on myself on my instagram page (fahionbloggertogo). I try to do something different every day and learn something new. This week I was watching some makeup tutorials on youtube and I noticed a lot of these girls are “BAKING” their face. lol at first I was like WHAT THE @@$%^^& who does that shit.. but I must say.. I tried it and its fuckin life changing. If you have the time and are going some place fancy shamncy or just wanna look a little more flawless you gotta do this step. It reallllly sets the under eye concealer and brightens its at the same time. I la la la love it lol.

Aside from “baking” Ive been exploring with eye shadows. I am typically not an eye shadow kind a gal cuz I am just to lazy lol… but when I do wear it.. damn I look good.. hahahahaha OKAY that was to too confident. lol

So here is todays makeup look guys…

Products listed here:

#flower BB2 foundation, #physiciansformula natural light concealer, #itcosmetics bye bye pores under eye setting powder, #airspun face powder, #nuance Salma Hayek powder in medium 230 (used to contour my cheeks), #mac hot sensation under eye highlighter, #nars desire blush, #physiciansformula bronze booster light to medium (amazing stuff), #mac soft and gentle highlighter!!!!! 


3 thoughts on “Makeup 101: My beauty tipsss!!!!

    1. aw thank you doll!! no I do not and I don’t recommend anyone using those things after all the scary shit I’ve seen from it lol!! I have temporary fillers!!!!


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