And still going…!!! I haven’t been able to write for some time now because my mom has come to visit me from LA. Its been about a week now that she has been here and she goes back on monday. So, in this week I have gained 3 pounds (from her persian food cooking), I went to Madrid and all in all walked about 15+++ miles lol.

My moms arrival has made me realize three things, 1. That I need to go on a major diet and workout plan (for real), 2. I am so damn lonely without the company of my mom here and 3. I can’t believe I live in Barcelona over Madrid for the next year.

Lets talk about it, maybe that way I will feel a bit content (for now). I am on a strict diet as of today.. and I am for real because I know I wrote about it a while ago.. but my face has gotten so round. And for some it looks good but for me a round face does not really suit me… aside from a round face I can barely breath in my jeans.. ugh why do I love food so much. So my body weight loss inspiration has been Morgan Stewart from RKOBH.. that girl went from medium to TINY.. something I once did and felt so accomplished about. Its all about the self control and I know I have that shit in me.. just watch!!!

On to the next…, I am so sad my mom is leaving on Monday. I actually have someone to socialize with and walk with.. I realize now how lonely I am without her here. Walking ALL BY MYYYYY SEEEEELLFFF…..  I need to make some friends. Its hard to make REAL friends these days that you have something genuine in common with. Especially here in Spain where no one speaks english and well… my spanish isn’t on any level of anything just yet so that makes it even that much more difficult. To be very honest… aside from good hearted friends.. they also need to be fashionable and on my level.. yes yes I know that sounds all kinds of bad..but its the truth lol.. sorry not sorry?

Lastly.. Madrid. Oh how I fell in love. Kinda. lol. So I went to Madrid with my mom for two days… I LOVED IT… I mean Barcelona is nice also and has its perks (a beach) but Madrid felt more like LOS ANGELES something I am used to. It was big and full of life and big streets with CARS driving .. big cars… and there was so much to the place that it was nearly impossible to get bored in a years stay. Here, I feel so compressed into a small community because Ive already seen and done everything there is because its such a small city. I must say though, the weather in Barcelona shits on the weather in Madrid.

To the exciting part… some pics of my activities with my mamma bear during the week and some things I wore!!!