Outfit of the day…. Fashion


Okay before I start.. I am currently eating some candy while typing this and I just ate a gummy bear that was soooo fucking spicy the side of my cheek is numb. Hmm lol anyways…

Todays outfit details: ZARA shirt, HUDSON jeans, LOUIS VUITTON purse, GUCCI sandals.

IT WAS SOOOOO HOT TODAY…. I asked and God gave… I love you!!!!


Todays Makeup Look I did more of a WET glow bronzy thing. If you guys want details of products used comment below.


P.S… On the 11th my mom will be here from Los Angeles to visit me for two weeks and I am soooooo freaking excited. Haven’t seen her for 5 months now and that has been the hardest part ever. She and my sister are my best friends and to depart from them for such a long period of time is very difficult. Anywho, point is lol…. I will take lots of pictures and upload them. YAY… 

BTW: I AM OBSESSED WITH MY NAME NECKLACE. It is written in Farsi and it says my name “Sonya”… if you life in the Valley in Cali, my mom got it for me from the topanga mall and its 14k gold plated so you can shower and swim with it on!!!