Outfit of the day

Today’s outfit. It’s a bit gloomy here in Barcelona Spain but it says its going to be warming up this upcoming week which I am so excited about. Aside from that I MISSSSSSS LOS ANGELES. I have never been so excited to go back. lol…

I almost regret making my husband work from Spain instead of choosing Paris. I know the weather is MUCH better here and quality of life (for the time being) is better here as well.. its just the class level doesn’t quit suit us. Not to sound like snobby bitch lol, but for real guys.. I love Spain because its super peaceful, but its definitely not a place to live if you LOVE fashion and wear heels and that type of shit. Everyone here is so below average and comfy. Its very rare to see another female like myself walking the streets… NO OFFENSE SPANISH FOLKS… Love Spain but I think I would’ve sacrificed the weather conditions and beach to live in Paris. Oh well… so we have a year to travel and decide were our next destination is, until we go back home of course to our homeland LA!!!!

So todays outfit details: H&M shirt (bought last year), Zara boyfriend ripped jeans (which my husband hates lol says I look like a homeless), Christian Louboutin So Kate Patent Leather Nude heels, Louis Vuitton Purse.


Ps. This makeup look is up on my YouTube account if you guys are interested in the products I used. I show them all in the process of applying it. Go subscribe