My Closet….

FINALLY…. my closet is finally put together and I can really start blogging about all things fashion. I got my dest set with my proper equipment (lol equipment; my computer). Sooooo… it has taken two months and a lot of anticipation to get this going and completed. I am still not completely done yet because I have this massive ass, beautiful chandelier I need to have installed in the center of the ceiling in my closet just to give it some more class and style. It seems kinda naked in here.

The pic I am sharing is a portion of my closet. My purses and stuff are on the opposite side and Im exactly the best photographer.. which I need to practice lol.

Aside from the closet Todays accessories of the day are Celine sunglasses, Louis Vuitton bag, Valentino jello sandals, and Narciso Rodriguez perfume. (best fucking smelling perfume ever, aside from Tom Ford)




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