From My Closet

Hi everyone.. sorry I have been MIA for a week now. I have been overwhelmed with our furniture and all items arriving from Los Angeles, so its been non the less H E L L. However, finally my clothes and shoes and purses have arrived YESSSS.

My closet on the other hand is soooo far from ready its unreal. My shoes are scattered all over the damn place and it looks like the fucking messiest room in my house lol. [my closet set hasn’t been delivered yet]. With that said I can’t really share a pic of what it looks like just yet. I want it to be complete than show case it ….. (haha as is if its something so fucking important right lol).

Yesterdays Look (accessories of the day)

—Louis Vuitton Purse

—Givenchy screw heels in brown pony hair

IMG_4478 IMG_4477