Denim on Denim

So the trend that once was and now is again…

Denim on denim, I tried to pull this look off once but the denim colors were so off that it just looked retarded. The denim colors should be different yet similar for the look to go well together. Ive seen celebs were this look often and honestly some look amazing some just look horrible. I found some pictures that i absolutely LOVE the look and what I will putting together from my own closet. I also took the liberty to find some DONT love pics to share with you guys that takes the denim on denim look past nice to just trash!!!!. This does NOT mean I think the person wearing it is trash, just the way it makes them look… again people an outfit tells a lot about a persons character. Girls who dress like a hoe are most likely either a HOE or a desperate attention seeker. DONT BE THAT GIRL. Take it from a married woman, attraction lies beneath the clothes so make it challenging and exciting.

lol I don’t know how I got so into that… lol any who so I am gonna share the Do’s and then the Dont’s.

P.S Guys theres a pic of Miranda Kerr as a Do, can I just say I love this woman’s style. She is seriously glamour and class all in one and she wears it well.

PPS. My don’t pic, Kim K… girl needs to gain some from Miranda Kerr. Boobs shown are not cute… in my opinion..

Share you’re thoughts and If you pulled this look of show me show me so I can get inspired…



So Classy!!! love this biotch!!!


1380650543_kim-kardashian-denim-467Ummm.. no comment.

Here are some dos AND donts

Kim Kardashian & Serena Williams Go Out To Lunch Together In Paris

Kim K. DONT/ Miranda Kerr. DO/ Heidi Klum DO


Jessica Alba. Hmm Maybe/ Unknown Dont/ Selina Gomez OMG WTF DONT/ unknown don’t lol