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Break Down. Same Makeup for both pics just different lighting!!!!! 

1. Flower BB Cream Shade BB2 used as foundation all over my face, because its my exact skin tone color just one tint darker but doesn’t make me look scary dark…And for a BB cream it is pretty full coverage.

2. Conceal Rx Physicians Strength Concealer Shade Natural Light. I use this second before applying any powder under my eyes down to the center of my checks just so lighten it up and cover my darker areas on my face. Honestly guys.. I have tried EVERY concealer there is from Nars, Tart, to Tom Ford to all things designer and over the counter and this one is the only one that stays in place where it was applied ALL day long without smudging or cracking or looking weird like some concealers make the face look. -Amazing buy, sadly if you aren’t in Los Angeles you can only order this product. Worth it-

3. Make Up Forever HD High Definition Pressed Powder. This is my third step. I apply this translucent white powder all over the face to set the foundation and concealer. However, under my eye I only apply a little since I will later apply a highlighter powder. The point it to make it look as flawless and effortless as possible, rather than caked on. Btw, I don’t brush this on… I find that dabbing it on or pressing it on is much more flawless. It really sinks into the skin like that.

4. Hoola benefit Bronzer. I use my Nars contour brush and apply this on the line of my cheekbones ONLY. Its really dark on me because I am so white but it is the perfect contour line on my checks for me because it is a MATT bronzer and its not a golden color like most bronzers, it is just brown.

5. Sephora Bronzer shade 55 Fonce Deep. I use this after the contour line I created and blend it all in over my checks to get rid of the ridged line on my face. I also use this to bronze my entire forehead, nose, and under my lip. I switch my bronzers on a daily basis, but for this look this is the one I used and honestly I really like the color combo of this mixed with the Hoola benefit.

6. Jane, Blush Shade Peach Bouquet. I apply this punish simmer blush on the apples of my checks and brush UP toward my hair line. This makes a HUGE difference in the appearance of you’re check bones. It really gives it such an illusion of major volume and plumpness. -Do not over apply. I generally dab my brush in it once for each side and thats it. To much of this step will quickly turn the makeup into clown work-.

7. MAC NC5 Select Sheer/Pressed Powder. This is my favorite step. I use this as a highlight as well as another MAC one but again for this look I used this particular one. This powder is about 3 shades lighter than my foundation and concealer combined and once applied under the eyes and blended into step 6. it really works wonders for the check bones. It is the ultimate kim k check bone if you follow this properly. I use this under my eyes down the sides of my nose to give it a more slim look. Also I use it under my Hoola benefit contoured line just to add a bit more definition to those check bones.

8. MAC Soft and Gentle Mineralized Skin Finish. I apply this on top of my check bones and on the bridge of my nose. I also use a bit over my top lip just to make it glow and pop more. This product is truly amazing. It gives you that wet glowing look which I freaking love.

9. NARS Desire. This little highlighter is to die for. It is all about the shine shine shine with this. It has a yellow golden undertone and I apply this faintly over step 8. I say faintly because this is so pigmented that if you apply to much you’re bronzer will look muddy and really bad. So be carful how much you apply. I also apply this on my tear duck and on my brow bone.

10. MAYBELLINE New York Master Precise liquid eyeliner. I do not recommend this for people who live in LA. If you are outside of LA I guess this is OKAY… actually this product sucks for everyone. Best liquid liner for me has been the Physicians Formula Liquid Liner. Unfortunately they don’t make that product anywhere aside form Los Angeles which is soon going to be discontinued as well. Regardless this one does the job for now but it dries after the first stroke which messes me up. If you like you’re own liner use it, its probably better.

11. MAYBELLINE New York Explosion Volum’ Express. MAYBELLINE New York Lash Sensational. I live and die for these two mascaras. Again, I have tried all brands and products and this is my all time favorite. I apply the Volume Express first and Lash Sensational after. I don’t wear fake lashes so these mascaras really thicken and lengthen my lashes. The pro about these mascaras are that they wash of really fast and easily. The second water hits them it runs down. Which I love because I hate trying to scrub off mascara because it ruins and damages my lashes. -If its an even that you will get wet or cry maybe get the waterproof of this mascara which is also available.

12. MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Brunette. I use this everyday just to softly fill in my brows. Ive let my brows grow in thicker so this just enhances them. In most my pictures this is what I am wearing. However, if you don’t have to many brow hairs and need that major fill in pencil, I would recommend the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pencil because the application is much much darker. PS I think overly drawn brows are really ugly. I like them to look as natural as possible.

13. SEPHORA 461C Belle Beige Lip Pencil. I softly outline my lips with this sometimes. In this picture I did exactly that. After I outline my lips I apply some pressed powder over it to make it super matt and a bit lighter and apply normal colorless chapstick on top.

There you have it ladies. Hope this was pretty detailed. I will make this look on youtube in steps with my voice explaining it soon. I am just waiting for my things to arrive so I can make it look as proper as possible.

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