Shoes Prada, Versace, and Louboutin

Hey guys… back to fashion we go. Lately I have been seeing a lot of celebrities and designers make shoes with a thick heel. Okay, I love a good thick heel.. however the shoe has to be executed nearly perfectly for a “thick” heel to look good, rather than make you’re good look fat and heavy. So far tho, I’ve seen some pretty nice ones which is a good sign. Aside from that Ive seen some heels and sandals that I must purchase once I go shopping.

Yesterday I mentioned a pair of Versace sandals.. well I found a picture of them and I tried them on at the store yesterday (they didn’t have my size grrr) and in person on the foot they look amazing as a posed to the picture.. it just doesn’t do it justice.


Aren’t they so cool with like a short wavy flowing skirt or some rolled up skinny jeans… love it. I did mention yesterday that I am not a Versace girl… its a bit to flashy and F.O.B for me so Ive never really been attracted to their things.. but these caught my eye and these heels caught my eye also.. how fucking amazing are these…


I need those in my life. Soooo nice right????!!!!

Also another shoe I have seen lately is this beautiful Prada heel. I need this in red and black. It looks so classy and effortlessly beautiful. I love heels like this that have straps around it just because it makes the foot look so much sexier but in a classy way when done correctly… I first saw these on upcloseandstylish instagram pic and then I think I saw Kim K wearing them… either way these are to die for (not literally lol)


Okay so to the fun part… where I talk shit…

Everyone knows I am a Louboutin girl. I own most his shoes. I have so many that I have yet to wear all of them yet. Sometimes however, it makes me so sad that I love the same designer that makes these….

louboutin sneaker

Like WHAT THE FUCK… is this… right??? this is so bad I don’t even know where to begin. And the sad part is that girls will actually spend their hard earned money to buy them just because the bottom is red!!! Please don’t.. if I see these in the street I will stare you down and look at you like you’re cray cray..

Usually Im not so judgmental.. lol wait no I am pretty judgmental when it comes to fashion… but common people you guys agree with me right.. I don’t stand alone.. If I ever got a chance to see Mr. Louboutin I would express to him.. why make something so fucking ugly and cheap looking.. why do that to these innocent girls who think as long as the sole is red its a ho shoes… ?????? lol can someone please just write a comment saying they agree so I don’t feel like such an asshole lol haha.. okay well just wanted to share.. still love him tho.. and in one week I will share all my shoes with you guys


Fashion blogger to go