Just talk…

Hey guys.. typically I would share something about fashion with you guys… but I will share that I finally ended up making that youtube makeup video of how I highlight and contour using powders instead of creams. Go Go Go check it out!!!!!

Well.. since my followers haven’t really gotten to know me that well just yet… I wanted to share my secret addition with you guys… yes aside from shopping and fashion.. I am talking about a REAL addiction which I am pretty sure others are experiencing as well….


I am so serious.. does anyone understand this? what do they put in this bag that makes them so fucking addicting. Now, I don’t just open the bag and eat them just plain like those plain boring people… I pour mine in a bowl and add about three squeezed lemons and a tablespoon of shiracha for heat (more heat).. some chili pepper powder… mix it all and eat it.. lol yes I eat it with chop sticks because I just like people knowing how often I eat them, considering it leaves a intense red stain on you nail and fingers.

Another way to eat them… WITH VANILLA BEAN ICE CREAM… OMFG.. OOOMMMFFFGGG… you guys I know it sounds fucking digesting but please go out and try it… take a bowl, add a scoop of vanilla BEAN ice cream and open your bag of regular hot cheetos and tip it in you’re ice cream H E A V E N!!!

Try it… how I eat my hot cheetos.. share how you eat yours so I can try it..

PS. I just ordered $80 worth of hot cheetos to be shipped to me.. since Spain doesn’t sell it.. psh like wth


P.P.S…. I saw the cutes freaking Versace sandals today.. Will share a pic on my next blog post. (typically hate versace cuz I think its for a certain type of person.. that NOT being me) but these were impressive.