#mycrazyself… Makeup tutorial gone very wrong lol and Fashion

So… the other day… I was about to start filming a makeup tutorial… and all the sudden this big wave of laziness come across my body and this is what turned out instead. I wanted to share with everyone what I look like when I wake up lol… I know why the fuck would I share that lol… well because we are all human and we can’t be beautiful at every given minute of the day..psh.. that shit takes effort and unless you go to sleep with makeup on, you’re hair done and sleep completely straight all night… than girl don’t try and fool you’re self.. you have ur ugly moments also hahahahahahaha…

Honestly though some girls are so much prettier or just as pretty without a shit tone of makeup on.. it just ages some people so much more.. Even for myself. I look 16 max 19 years old without makeup… especially without a tan lol… but with makeup I look legit 28ish depending on how intense my makeup is, which typically I don’t wear much as long as I have my bronzer and marcara I am golden. Oh btw my real age is 26 years young. Well at least I try to stay young… lol.

Ummmm btw guys, the other day I walked into Zara right.. (of course I did).. and I got this black dress.. the dress was only 12euro… not exactly sure what that is in USD but it sounds cheap! anyway I tried the dress on and it looks sooooo good for summer.. you can wear it with a pair of gladiator sandals or any sandals (minus flip flops) and it will become such a cute day time outfit. Or pair it with heels during evening hours and it is instantly a sexy little black dress. It came in other colors as well but I have so many clothes I am waiting on to arrive that for now I got one.. will probably go back and get the other three colors lol…


PS. This model wearing it is fucking skinny as hell. Im pretty small myself.. wearing a size 24 jeans but it is NOT that lose on my body its super super tight. When I wear it I will post my look for you guys.

PPS. I got my period this morning uuuuggghhhhh fml… ouch!!! were are all those emojis when you need them!!!!!

PPPS. Since most my lovely followers and viewers are woman…. WE can ALL relate lol.. so its technically not TMI. Right???

-I need more coffee- okay I’m done (winky face)

Oh btw guys… A little personal info about myself moment right here… I have HORRIBLE spelling. My vobac is of the charts and I use a lot of big terms and speak very properly… however MY SPELLING… man.. that shit is on another level.. I don’t know how I survived in law school with all those writing exams lol!!!!! So when you see something miss spelled don’t judge. My mind is working faster than my typing fingers plus my horrible spelling skilllll…..  UGH. lol love you guys!!!!